NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter is ready for its tenth flight on Mars, and officials say this may take place on July 24. Ingenuity arrived on the Red Planet in the Mars Perseverance Rover on February 18, and was the first helicopter to fly on land. Planets other than Earth. The space agency stated that the ninth flight of the rotorcraft was different from previous flights. It not only broke the records of flight duration and cruise speed, but also increased the flight distance between the two airports four times.

NASA stated in a note published on its website that one of the decisive aspects of Ingenuity’s last flight lasting 2 minutes and 46 seconds was that it successfully passed a terrain called “Seitah”. It is difficult to cover the terrain with ground vehicles like Perseverance rover. According to a report by, the tenth flight will investigate the “convex ridge”, a group of rock features in the Martian crater of Jezero.

On July 23, NASA also posted a photo of a “small (Martian) helicopter” on Instagram. The agency described the ninth flight as “nail biting.” It said that the flight was clearly designed to be of scientific value by providing the first close observation of major scientific targets that the rover could not reach for a long time.

In addition, the post wrote: “This was achieved by a team of NASA Ames helicopter experts, who assisted the Ingenuity team of NASA JPL to ensure that technology demonstrators have the best chance to fly in the ultra-thin atmosphere of the Red Planet.”

The agency stated that the title photo of the post was taken on June 15, 2021 by the Mars Perseverance Rover using its left Mastcam-Z camera, which consists of a pair of cameras located high on the rover’s mast.

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