NASA has released another fascinating photo in which two rotating galaxies merge in a galaxy system 140 million light-years away from Earth. NASA explained that when these two galaxies merge into one, shock waves will rumbling between them and trigger new waves of star formation. Some of these stars are very large and lead short and violent lives. The image shows two elliptical objects close together, emitting a blue X-ray beam, illuminating the surrounding area. Data from NASA’s Chandra Observatory show that 25 bright X-ray sources are scattered throughout the Milky Way.

NASA launched the Chandra X-ray Observatory in 1999. Since then, it has been the agency’s flagship mission for X-ray astronomy and has a place in the “Great Observatory” fleet.

NASA named the Instagram post “Please mix, don’t stir” and stated that the Milky Way captured by its space-based telescope was named Arp 299. Of the 25 X-ray sources in the image, 14 are such powerful transmitters astronomers classify them as “ultra-bright X-ray sources” or ULX.

“These ULXs are likely to be binary star systems in which black holes or neutron stars are extracting material from their companion stars,” the space agency said. NASA added that the image contains X-ray data from Chandra Observatory, Hubble Space Telescope and NuSTAR X-ray Telescope.

Soon after this photo was posted on social media, astronomy enthusiasts flocked to appreciate the exquisiteness of this celestial process. Most Instagram users admire this image and praise its quality. The image received more than 5,46,000 likes in 13 hours.

A user named wizard.b0i also asked: “Does this photo have a wallpaper? Computer and mobile phone?”

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Fortunately, the Chandra Observatory’s website says that it is possible to search and download images by visiting the web, making them the wallpapers on mobile phones and tablets:

What are your thoughts on this picture?

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