Sherlock Holmes Cinematic Universe? This is what Robert Downey Jr. hopes to unveil in the next Sherlock Holmes movie, Sherlock Holmes 3, which is currently scheduled for Christmas 2021.Having played Iron Man in “Marvel Movie World” for ten years, Downey Jr. has a wealth of experience watching the benefits (and reaping the rewards) of interrelated storylines throughout multiple movies. He now plans to learn from himself Applied to Sherlock Holmes.

“At this point, we really feel that there is nowhere to uncover the mysterious verse, and [Sherlock Holmes author Sir Arthur] I think Conan Doyle is an authority in that field until today. “So for me, why [Sherlock Holmes] Film, if you can’t break it down into real diversity and other gems of time and elements? “

His wife and production partner Susan Downey (Susan Downey) added: “We think there is an opportunity to expand it further. Stripping off the characters in the third film to understand the state of the television field and understand what WarnerMedia started to build Content, and the functions of HBO and HBO Max.”

This shows that Downey Jr. and Jude Law’s Dr. John Watson will star in the big screen Sherlock Holmes movies, which will introduce new characters and then possibly make their own TV series. The “Sherlock Holmes” film series is produced by Country Roadshow Pictures, and has a joint investment agreement with Warner Bros. Pictures. Warner Bros., HBO and streaming service HBO Max are sister companies of WarnerMedia and owned by telecom giant AT&T.

The Downey team (which will produce “Holmes” 3), the production team owned by Susan and Robert, is not the first to think of this multimedia strategy. Warner Bros. (Warner Bros.) and HBO Max (HBO Max) have begun to use many of the former blockbusters to explore this approach.

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Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi movie “Dune” has a spin-off called “Dune: Sisters” with the background set to HBO Max. There are two other movies in the DC vault, in the same universe as Robert Pattinson’s “Batman” (The Batman) and John Cena-starrer (John Cena-starrer) Same scene ambassador of peace Based on James Gunn’s soft restart of the new role in “Suicide Squad.”

The first two “Holmes” movies had a box office revenue of 1.07 billion U.S. dollars (about 78.5 billion rupees), but Downey Jr.’s “Holmes” has been on ice since 2011. The third shortlisted film was announced in mid-2018 with a release date of Christmas 2020, but it was then pushed to Christmas 2021. Rocketman director Dexter Fletcher was hired in July last year, but there has been little news since then.

Given that Warner Bros. has just set “The Matrix 4” as Christmas 2021, “Detective Sherlock Holmes 3” is likely to be pushed to 2022.