On Wednesday, after the Bitcoin price hit a record high, since August 2, 2016, thousands of Bitcoins were transferred to unknown wallets. The exact count of BTC removed from hacking is not fully understood, but a blockchain parser shows that more than 12,208 BTC (worth $754 million today) in the Bitfinex vulnerability in 2016 have been moved to various addresses.

  • On August 2, 2016, the Bitfinex exchange was stolen by hackers about 119,756 BTC, which is worth 7.5 billion U.S. dollars at today’s exchange rate. On that day, the price per Bitcoin (BTC) dropped by 22%, but the exchange managed to repay the customer using another token.
  • In the past year, many bitcoins stolen from Bitfinex hackers have been transferred. As the price of BTC has risen, the movement of Bitfinex hacked coins has become more regular.
  • Using the blockchain parser of Btcparser.com, Bitcoin.com News discovered 11,799 BTC from the Bitfinex hacker in 2016 and transferred it to 679,214 at a height of 679,205.
  • Today, the number of BTC removed from hackers may be even greater. Today, there may be more movement, because the BTC in the Bitfinex 2016 hack has been transferred at the time of writing this report.
More than 750 million U.S. dollars in Bitcoin generated in the 2016 Bitfinex hacking incident was transferred today
Btcparser.com captured some of the 12,208 bitcoins in the 2016 Bitfinex hack. At 4:25 pm on Wednesday (Eastern Standard Time), this article was updated to reflect the trading changes between block heights of 679,205 and 679,214.
  • At today’s exchange rate, today’s 11,799 BTC is now worth more than 742 million U.S. dollars. These transfers of more than 30 transactions are one of the biggest moves Bitfinex hackers have taken so far.Blockchain parser Whale alert It also captured transactions that started after 1:00 pm Eastern Time.
  • The members of the Telegram channel Goldfoundinsh*t believe: “This wake-up is done to lower the price. Since Coinbase has been listed, many people want to use it.
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  • A member of the Telegram channel Goldfoundinsh*t said: “We think that hackers may try to manipulate prices, so it is not an ordinary hacker.”
  • After 11,799 BTC was cleared between block heights of 679,205 and 679,212, another 409 BTC from Bitfinex hack was moved away. This brings the estimated total to 12,208 BTC, worth more than $754 million.
  • “Our Btcparser has just signed a few Bitcoin moves from the Bitfinex exchange hacker. I will say, in time,” Taisia, the head of Goldfoundinsh*t, told Bitcoin.com News. “Traditionally, such news will lead to a dump, and given the current excitement about Coinbase, which is directly listed on the Nasdaq, this is a huge temptation to attract “bulls” wings.
  • Coinbase stock (NASDAQ: COIN) currently has an issue price of $332.

What do you think of the 12,208 bitcoins transferred from the Bitfinex hacker’s wallet to an unknown wallet? Let us know your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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