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“Monster Hunter” trailer sets the next action epic based on “Resident Evil Duo”

The Monster Hunter trailer is here. Sony Pictures released a two-minute release of the adaptation of Capcom’s best-selling game series, which combines Milla Jovovich and author and director Paul WS Anderson’s ” “Resident Evil” husband and wife reunited. The trailer of “Monster Hunter” confirms our previous news-this movie is a loose view of the lore of video games. Jovovich plays the head of a military team that is thrown into a world full of monsters, where they must figure out how to survive and then return home. It sounds a bit like Jumanji, but there is no sense of humor.

Jovovich’s character even hints at events inspired by Jumanji: The Next Level. She deeply noticed the Monster Hunter trailer: “If we can enter their world, they can enter our world.” They refer to giant monsters, one of which can blast a giant jet with its feet in a few seconds. The plane ripped apart. The trailer of “Monster Hunter” is almost entirely composed of action sequences driven by special effects. It is interesting to see whether this movie can break through the level of “Resident Evil”. The score of “Resident Evil” on the review integrator Rotten Tomatoes is not More than 37% are in six movies.

In addition to playing Jovovich, Monster Hunter also starred in Thai martial arts actor Tony Jaa (“Angry 7”), American rapper Clifford “TI” Harris, little American actress Meagan Good (thinking like a man), Mexican singer Diego ·Boneta (Rock of Ages), Australian actor Josh Helman (“X-Men: Days Tomorrow”), American rappers Jin Ouyang “MC Jin” and Ron Perlman (Ron Perlman (Hellboy). “Monster Hunter” is the “Silver Screen Jewel” of Sony Pictures, Constantine Films in Germany (also behind “Resident Evil”), Tencent Films of China and Japan’s “Toho” (after “Goss La” is famous).

The Monster Hunter series debuted on PS2 in 2004, and as of June this year, its global sales have exceeded 64 million.Five games were released: 2004 monster hunter, “Monster Hunter 2” in 2006, “Monster Hunter III” in 2009, “Monster Hunter 4” in 2013 and “Monster Hunter: World” in 2018, the last of which is responsible for expanding its global popularity. The Nintendo Switch exclusive sixth title Monster Hunter Rise is scheduled to be released in March 2021.

Monster Hunter is scheduled to be released in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu in India in December. The movie will be released in parts of Europe on December 3, in the UK on December 4 and in the United States on December 30.

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