The Arunachal Pradesh MP from Ninong Ering, a member of the Legislative Assembly, asked in a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday that PUBG Mobile India The new avatar of Battlegrounds Mobile India is designed to deceive the government and citizens and should be banned in the country. He claimed that by launching new games, its developer Krafton avoided Indian law. Although the South Korean company recently started pre-registration of the game through the Google Play store, it has not yet confirmed the release date of Battlegrounds Mobile India. The game is an alternative to PUBG Mobile India. The Indian government banned PUBG Mobile India from connecting with other games and apps last year because they were worried that their links with China would cause data privacy issues.

Pasighat West Assembly’s Ering said: “It’s just a fantasy, and it’s a restart after making minor modifications to the game, collecting user data from millions of citizens, including our children, and transferring it to foreign companies and A technique of the Chinese government.” The letter said, the electoral district of Northeast India.he still Published A copy of his three-page letter on Twitter, which was originally reported by IGN India.

Following the government’s ban on PUBG Mobile in September last year, Krafton cancelled the game publishing and distribution rights of China’s Tencent Games in India, although the company is still the game’s publisher and publisher in other countries. However, Ering said that almost all of Krafton’s Indian employees, including its senior management team, are former Tencent employees who were “miraclefully hired” by Krafton in December and are working at Battlegrounds Mobile in India.

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He mentioned that the game’s listing URL in the Google Play store recently also hinted that it was a restart of PUBG Mobile India. The US Department of Justice also claimed that Nodwin Gaming, which recently received investment from Krafton, has extensive links with Tencent. He also cited news reports that Nordwin provides services in Pakistan and has a local team in Pakistan.

He said: “Cafton has close ties with Tencent and is now an investor in Nordwin, and Nordwin has a very close cooperation with Tencent.”

MLA pointed out that the view he defined leads to a clear conclusion that “Battlegrounds Mobile India” is “just a relaunch of PUBG Mobile.”

He said: “The game features and other aspects will be the same.” “Krafton also added a PUBG map to the re-released game, and the weapon name is also the same as the new name.”

Erring believes that the renamed game is an “indirect way for Tencent to enter India” and capture the data of Indian citizens. He said that the game’s privacy policy stipulates that although its data will be stored locally in India and Singapore, it will be transferred to other countries and regions to operate game services and comply with legal requirements.

He said: “The announcement is also being made simultaneously with Krafton’s IPO, and Tencent will directly benefit from it.”

Ering also stated that if PUBG Mobile is allowed to restart, it will cause other countries including TikTok and WeChat to re-enter the country. He added that the launch may bring the risks of “addiction, injury and death” previously seen in battle royale games.

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Advertisement Shout has contacted Krafton and Nodwin Gaming for comment on this matter and will update this space when they reply.

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