Xiaomi is one of the largest smartphone brands in India and is known for its cheap smartphones. Although its own custom appearance MIUI 12 based on Android 11 has some notable features, it also contains advertisements everywhere. During the launch of MIUI 12, Xiaomi did mention a one-click option to disable system-wide ads, but this feature is missing in the global version. If you are a MIUI 12 user and want to deep clean your smartphone, please follow the steps below.

Before you start following the steps in this guide, it is recommended that you double check the version of MIUI on your smartphone. If you are still running an earlier version of MIUI, we have provided guidelines for them. This is a step-by-step process for MIUI 11, MIUI 10 and MIUI 9. Also note that we are using Redmi 9 Power in this tutorial, so your mileage may vary.

Disable MSA process

To start the process of banning ads, we must reduce a few things from the source. One of them is MSA or MIUI system advertisements, which is one of the biggest reasons to see advertisements in regular applications. Disable it:

  1. turn on Setup application.
  2. navigation Password and Security>Authorization and Revocation.
  3. Here you must Disable MSA.
  4. After that, scroll down a bit and then Disable GetApps The same
  5. You will receive a 10-second warning message asking if you are sure you want to do this.
  6. After the countdown, press Undo. In case it does not allow you to turn it off the first time you use it (it shouldn’t be), please try again until it turns off.
  7. Even if the phone is restarted, MSA should still be disabled.
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MSA or MIUI system advertisements are one of the biggest reasons to see advertisements in stock apps

More changes to stop showing ads in MIUI 12

Although this will handle most ads, you can still make some adjustments to ensure that they are all captured.

  1. In the same Password and security Submenu, go to privacy.
  2. then click Advertising Services And disable Personalized advertising recommendation. Basically, this will turn off data collection and provide you with relevant advertising.

Turn off ads in the “Download” app

  1. turn on Download application.
  2. Tap Hamburger menu> Settings.
  3. Disable toggle Show recommended content. You will also be prompted here, just select OK.

Turn off ads in the file manager app

  1. turn on File manager application.
  2. Tap Burger menu At the top left.
  3. go with About>Disable Suggestions.

Turn off ads in the music app

  1. turn on music application.
  2. Go to Hamburger Menu>Services and Settings
  3. select Advanced Settings>Receive Suggestions.
  4. You can also disable other suggestions here, such as Online startup suggestions with Song recommendation. Please note that disabling this feature will only turn off the data collected from this application.

Turn off ads from “safe” apps

  1. turn on Safety application
  2. Tap Settings button>Receive suggestions.

Turn off ads in the “Themes” app

  1. turn on theme application.
  2. go with My Page>Settings
  3. Disable toggle Recommended suggestions.

Advertisements promoted by MIUI apps

Certain default folders (such as “Tools” and “More Apps”) tend to show you “Upgraded Apps” when opened.

Some default folders, for example Tools and more applications Tend to show you Promote application When you open them. Disable them:

  1. Open tools and more apps Folder> Long press the folder nameTo rename it.
  2. Switch off Promote application.
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