China conducted an unmanned exploration of Mars on Thursday, aiming to demonstrate its technological prowess, because its first visit to the earth is an independent mission and strives to achieve a global leadership in the space field.

Here are some facts about China and other countries going to Mars:

  • China’s unmanned Mars rover, named after “Heaven Questions” or “Heaven Questions”, is named “Ten Tian No. 1”, and is sent into the orbiter, lander and rover by powerful “Long March May 5” rockets. If successful, it will make China the first country to perform missions to patrol, land and deploy rover.
  • The journey of the Long March through space on May 5 will take about seven months, and the landing will take seven minutes. The Chinese probe will carry several scientific instruments to observe the earth’s atmosphere and surface, looking for signs of water and ice.
  • In 2003, China became the third country after the former Soviet Union and the United States to use its own rockets to send people into space. In 2011, when the Russian spacecraft carrying the probe failed to leave the Earth’s orbit and disintegrated in the Pacific, the joint Mars mission with Russia failed.
  • There are currently six spacecraft operating on Mars-three American spacecraft, two European spacecraft and one Indian spacecraft. NASA has two spaceships on the surface.
  • The United Arab Emirates launched a Mars probe, the “Hope Probe” from the Tanegashima Space Center in Japan on July 20. This is the first “Red Planet” probe launched to the Arabian planet, and it is expected to arrive there within seven months and enter orbit to collect atmospheric data. .
  • NASA has learned important lessons from the “Curiosity” rover. This Mars rover has been sent to the “Red Planet”. In 2012, the “Curiosity” rover landed on the surface of the earth and continued at 820 feet. The crater of the Martian plain southeast of Jezero (250 meters deep) was once considered a lake the size of Lake Tahoe.
  • NASA’s InSight spacecraft is the first robotic lander designed to study the depths of the distant world. It safely landed on the surface of Mars in November 2018. Its instruments can detect the rumble of planetary earthquakes that have never been measured except for the Earth. .
  • NASA is planning to launch a fifth rover called Perseverance this year. Once the spacecraft lands in February 2021, a four-wheeled vehicle-sized robotic rover will wash the bottom of the Martian Jezero Crater. The mission will carry equipment that can convert carbon dioxide throughout Mars into oxygen for breathing and use it as a propellant.
  • The Soviet Union is the only country that successfully rovers on Mars. In 2016, a European space probe was destroyed by impact while attempting to land on the ground. Both China and Japan have failed in their attempts to send Mars around Mars. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, another launch originally planned for this year is the EU-Russian ExoMars, which has been postponed for two years.
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