Microsoft President Brad Smith said that the dystopian world described by George Orwell in his novel “1984”-totalitarian surveillance is part of life-may soon become a reality. And, if artificial intelligence (he suggested, the regulation of AI is not better. Orwell published works in a novel in 1949, which explored topics such as government supervision, totalitarianism, and how dictators can always understand People’s actions and words manipulate and control life. Smith worries that if we adopt the kind of artificial intelligence that was once only imagined in this dystopian novel, it is absolutely possible to completely control a country under a totalitarian regime.

In Orwell’s “1984” era, citizens lived under constant threats of surveillance and censorship, which not only infiltrated the consciousness of thousands of people, but also produced recognized and related phrases and concepts-old Brother, Thought Police, Room 101. Even today is a sign of a nightmare future.

In a show conducted by Smith on the BBC aimed at exploring China’s increasing use of AI to monitor its citizens, he said: “I keep thinking of George Orwell in his The lesson in the book “1984”. You know that the fundamental story is about a government that can see everything that everyone does and always hear everything that everyone says. Well, this was in 1984 The year has not been realized, but if we are not careful, it may be realized in 2024.”

He also called on world leaders to formulate stricter laws to regulate the use of AI, adding that if measures to protect humans are not taken in the future, “we will find that technology is developing rapidly, which will be very difficult. Catch up.”

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According to Reuters, China released a plan in 2017 outlining its ambitions and hopes to become a world leader in AI by 2025.

Last year, another report citing the United Nations patent agency pointed out that China has become the world’s first in AI patent applications, which has taken the United States out of the highest position since the establishment of the global system more than 40 years ago. According to the report, China filed 58,990 applications in 2019, surpassing 57,840 applications in the United States.

According to a study by Comparitech, Chinese cities have the heaviest CCTV surveillance in the world. The study also pointed out that China owns 54% of the world’s 770 million CCTV cameras, or more than half.

A survey in 2018 found that even if the user turned off the option to store location history in the app, Google Maps continued to record the user’s movement.

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