The Microsoft PowerPoint Presenter Coach was previously only available for Web clients, and now desktop and mobile clients are also introduced. PowerPoint Presenter Coach helps users practice presentations with the help of AI by analyzing the user’s voice, speaking speed, monotonous tone or using filler words. At the end of the exercise, it will provide you with a summary that includes areas that AI believes users should improve.

In the announcement on Wednesday, Microsoft stated that PowerPoint’s new features are now available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS in addition to the Web client.

Nowadays, when presentations in online meetings become more and more common, this new feature will come in handy. Microsoft aims to help students and professionals practice presentations without having to hire another person to collect the data that Presenter Coach can provide. Microsoft launched this feature for its web client in June 2019.

PowerPoint’s Presenter Coach uses AI to recognize the user’s body language, part of speech, intonation and pitch, the use of repeated words, and even pronunciation. Essentially, it provides feedback to users so they can make improvements before the presentation. This new feature can detect whether the user has left the camera for a long time (eye contact), whether the audience can see the user clearly (clear view), or whether the user is sitting too close or too close to the camera (distance).

The Presenter Coach function in PowerPoint can also analyze whether the user repeats a word or a group of words too many times in the presentation. Then, it will suggest alternative words or synonyms that users can add. At the same time, it will analyze the user’s pronunciation and suggest whether they pronounce certain words incorrectly. However, at present, the language is only optimized for general American English, but users can disable it if they wish. It also reminds users about the use of sensitive phrases in presentations.

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Microsoft pointed out that for privacy reasons, it will not record any video or audio during the exercise. The Presenter Coach function does not work in airplane mode, and an Internet connection is required for the AI ​​to work.

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