Microsoft Outlook has received an improved calendar view, which is the first major change in the tool since the Sunrise client and Wunderlist have been integrated, starting with the web client. The new Outlook calendar has a “board” view, which is very similar to the popular workflow management tool Trello. It enables you to organize multiple calendars, tasks, goals, notes, links, reminders, etc. In addition, Microsoft also makes it easier for you to schedule meetings with its scheduling assistant on Outlook on Android and iOS.

Gabriel Valdez, product marketing manager for Microsoft Outlook, announced the new board calendar view in Microsoft Outlook for Web. He said in his blog: “On average, people use 6 tools to keep track of everything they need to complete a task. Switching back and forth There are many contexts, and it may even be double tracking. Obviously, your life is beyond the scope of a traditional calendar – 30 minutes is not enough to complete everything you need to do, track or achieve. There must be a better way to be in one place Manage your most important and urgent things so that you can organize the way you want in an easy-to-use visual way.”

The new Outlook calendar board view is designed to provide users with a Kanban-style “free-form, ever-expanding board” that will help organize the calendar and reduce the time and effort to switch between applications. The new Outlook calendar “Board” view helps you add new information cards to simplify the organization of meetings and calendars. You can set up files, notes, goals and reminder cards according to the time and date you choose. It will continue to expand the calendar when needed, centralizing everything to keep the calendar clean and updated.

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In Outlook’s calendar, it’s easy to switch to the “Board” view
Image source: Microsoft

As mentioned earlier, the Board View calendar update will first be available on Microsoft Outlook for Web, and business and educational users will eventually get this feature. There is no indication as to when the panel view will arrive in the Outlook application for Windows or Mac or when it will enter the mobile application.

Another major update that Microsoft plans to make to Outlook is its ability to assist in scheduling meetings on Android and iOS mobile apps. Starting this month, once Outlook schedules a meeting within the specified duration and time frame, the application will suggest reducing the time of conflict. “If Outlook cannot find an ad space suitable for everyone, it will suggest attendees’ free time, and you can move or skip other events to accommodate. If you decide to schedule the meeting according to other promises, Outlook will help you reschedule the conflict .” The blog post added.

Starting at the end of March, the new Outlook for Android and iOS Scheduling Assistant features will be available to all commercial and educational users.

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