Microsoft said on Friday that it would temporarily stop donating to politicians who voted against proving the results of the U.S. election or supporting efforts to overthrow President Joe Biden’s victory.

According to the company’s vice president Fred Humphries (Fred Humphries), in the 2022 election cycle, these legislators will retain employees, shareholders, and family members through the Microsoft Stakeholder Voluntary PAC. Donate.

He added that the Political Action Committee will create a democratic advance plan to support campaign finance reforms and voting rights.

Humphries said in a blog: “Given the importance of these issues to the stability and future of American democracy, we believe these steps are appropriate.”

After supporters of former President Donald Trump carried out a fatal attack on the U.S. Capitol last month, the PAC suspended political contributions.

In the unprecedented second impeachment trial, Trump was accused of inciting supporters to attack the U.S. legislature and forcing the suspension of procedures to prove Biden’s victory in the November presidential election.

The violence of January 6 continued to reverberate in Washington. According to statistics from the George Washington University Extremism Program, prosecutors have charged about 180 people in the attack, and hundreds of others are under investigation.

The Department of Justice suggests that it can provide a basis for some ultra-right organizations that support Trump to incite conspiracy in the attack.

In the White House rally before the attack, Trump encouraged supporters to reject the election results and “fight like hell.”

Humphreys said that Microsoft PAC suspended all donations to members of Congress who voted against the proof of the election results.

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More than 3,000 Microsoft employees donated money to PAC, and Humphries said that the announcement was due to feedback they collected in many video conferences.

Humphries said: “We do realize that although these steps are important, they are too many or too few for some employees.”

“The recent meeting also put forward other good ideas, we will continue to consider other ways to strengthen MSVPAC.”