Google and Microsoft are drawing lots. Driven by the pressure of lawmakers and regulators on the extraordinary power the two technology companies have in American life, the California-based search engine giant and the Washington-based software company are struggling to compete with each other.

The tension between Microsoft and Google’s parent company Alphabet has been brewing for some time, but because the executives of the two companies have taken defensive measures in a competitive crisis, the competition has become unusually public in recent days.

Google has faced complaints from both parties and dissatisfaction from journalists for its role in destroying advertising revenue in the media industry. Last Friday, the US Congress held an antitrust hearing.

At the same time, Microsoft is under scrutiny for its role in back-to-back cyber security breaches.

First, Russian hackers who allegedly hacked into Texas software company SolarWinds also used Microsoft’s cloud software to invade certain customers of the company. The second vulnerability was disclosed on March 2. Chinese hackers allegedly abused previously unknown vulnerabilities to clean up emails from Microsoft customers around the world.

Microsoft President Brad Smith addressed lawmakers at a press conference of the Antitrust Subcommittee of the Department of Justice of the House of Representatives on Friday. He will shoot at Google, telling delegates that media organizations are forced to “use Google’s tools. , Operates on Google’s advertising exchange platform, acts for Google, and pays Google.” According to an excerpt from the testimony issued by Axios.

Google fought back, saying that Microsoft’s “new interest in attacking us was after the SolarWinds attack and when they allowed tens of thousands of customers (including U.S. government agencies, NATO allies, banks, non-profit organizations), telecommunications providers, and public utilities. Businesses, police, fire and rescue departments, hospitals, and presumably news organizations-will be actively hacked through major Microsoft vulnerabilities.”

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