According to US media reports on Friday, software giant Microsoft will allow employees to choose to work from home permanently, becoming the latest employer to expand employers’ work-from-home regulations triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The US technology news website The Verge said that with the intensification of the health crisis, most Microsoft employees are still at home, and the company does not expect to reopen the US office until January next year at the earliest.

However, in doing so, even though they have to give up office space, workers can choose to work from home permanently with the consent of the manager.

Human Resources Director Kathleen Hogan said in a report to The Verge employees: “The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged all of us to think, live and work in new ways.”

“We will provide as much flexibility as possible to support personal working styles, while balancing business needs and ensuring our culture.”

In a public blog later today, Hogan stated that the company regards less than 50% of employees working at home as “standard,” but has not completely given up office work.

Hogan wrote: “We do not promise to let every employee work anywhere, because we believe that employees are valuable in the workplace together.”

According to The Verge Report, some employees are not eligible for remote work arrangements, such as those who work in Microsoft laboratories or train other employees.

The company co-founded by Bill Gates stated in the memo that its workers may migrate in the United States and overseas.

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Those who relocate may see that their salary changes depending on where they go, and although the company will pay for the employee’s home office, it will not pay for the relocation.

A filing document shows that as of the end of June, Microsoft employed 163,000 employees worldwide, of which 96,000 were in the United States.

Some large technology companies have allowed permanent work from home arrangements, including Facebook, whose boss Mark Zuckerberg said half of the employees of social networks may work remotely permanently within five to ten years.

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