After Microsoft said it would buy the parent company of game publisher Bethesda Softworks, Sony’s stock fell 2% in Tokyo.

Analysts predict that Sony’s PlayStation 5 will outperform Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox console when it launches in November, thanks to Sony’s powerful game product line, including Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Exclusive products such as Sri Lanka.

Microsoft bought the publisher for $7.5 billion (approximately Rs 55,223 crore). Behind it are popular franchises such as Doom. Fallout helped close this gap because Microsoft launched a subscription service for Android devices last week. , Thus promoting the development of cloud games.

The Xbox Game Pass is the core of Microsoft’s counterattack. Sony’s rival PlayStation Now service has a strong hardware installation base, is seen as lagging behind in the games it offers, and is limited to PlayStation and PC.

This transaction will take time to enter the Xbox game flow, and Bethesda signed with it to introduce the games “Circle of Death” and “Ghost Line: Tokyo” to PlayStation 5.

The concentration of studios in the hands of established players has injected clear water between the waves of challengers such as Amazon and Google’s parent Alphabet, who are entering the game field but lacking killer titles.

Jefferies analyst Atul Goyal wrote in a customer report: “As streaming services expand into the next-generation console era, we hope this industry merger will continue.

After the national holiday, the Japanese market reopened on Wednesday. As the gaming industry benefited from demand from real estate policies during the coronavirus outbreak, Sony’s stock price has risen by nearly half since its March low.

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