Former England captain Michael Vaughan said he was “very disappointed” after he withdrew from the BBC’s report for allegedly making racist remarks against former player Azim Rafik. Rafik, who was born in Pakistan, claimed that Vaughan told him and two other Asian players before a county game in 2009, “You are too many, we need to do something.” Vaughan denied the accusation . Vaughan said he was disappointed by the decision, but added that the problems that plague cricket are bigger than his predicament.

“I’m disappointed that I didn’t comment on TMS on Ashes, and would miss working with great colleagues and friends, but I look forward to providing microphone support for @foxcricket in Australia. The problem facing cricket is bigger than any case, I want to be a solution Part of the is to listen, educate yourself and help make it a more popular sport for everyone,” Vaughan wrote in a statement posted on his Instagram account.

The BBC announced on Wednesday that Vaughan will not be part of the Test Special (TMS) team for the upcoming series in Australia.

“Although he was involved in an important cricket story, for editorial reasons, we believe that Vaughan is currently not suitable for a role in our team or to cover the sport more broadly,” the BBC said in a statement. The statement said. statement.

The statement added: “We asked our writer to discuss related topics, and his involvement in the story represents a conflict of interest.”

However, the captain who won the in England in 2005 still has a contract to comment on the ashes of Fox Sports in Australia, and Vaughan is still a columnist for the British Daily Telegraph.

In an earlier statement, Vaughan “categorically” denied Rafic’s allegations against him. Rafic recently exposed the racism in the system and shocked British cricket.

“I categorically denied saying that Azeem Rafiq blamed me, and would like to reiterate this publicly, because the comments of’you people’ have never happened.


“It is very frustrating that a former teammate made a completely wrong accusation against me, apparently supported by two other players.

“I have been in contact with the other six players on that team and none of them remembered what was said at the time,” he added.

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