As early as mid-February, News reported that the Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, supported the city’s idea of ​​holding Bitcoin in the Treasury Department and allowed taxation in the form of Bitcoin. On April 15, 2021, the report showed that as the 8th District Commissioner Danielle Cohen Higgins (Danielle Cohen Higgins) promotes the call for the Miami-Dade Digital Currency Task Force, New York City may The concept of taxation was introduced soon.

A resolution of the Cryptocurrency Task Force has been submitted to the Infrastructure Committee of the City of Miami-Dade

At the North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC) held in Miami a few years ago, Mayor Francis Suarez told the audience that he wanted the city to become an innovative cryptocurrency and blockchain hub. Later, with the emergence of new price highs for digital currencies in 2021, Suarez pushed the city to keep gold coins (BTC) in the national treasury, and hoped to also allow taxes to be paid in BTC. At the time, the municipal commissioner voted for cryptocurrency infrastructure and also held leading cryptocurrency assets in the state’s treasury.

Now, in the near future, the ability to pay Miami-Dade taxes may be realized. District 8 Commissioner Daniel Cohen Higgins told the news publication “Miami New Times” that a resolution has been submitted to the city’s Infrastructure, Operations and Innovation Committee. The Miami New Times report shows that the resolution hopes to convene a 13-member cryptocurrency task force dedicated to solving the current solution. After the group is established, they will study the residents’ idea of ​​using Bitcoin to pay taxes.

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“The project will form a special working group to study the feasibility of using cryptocurrency in Miami-Dade County to explore any potential benefits and pitfalls that may arise from using the cryptocurrency. Explore technologies and start-ups that can support continuous expansion All the ways to benefit our economy are crucial.” Cohen Higgins said in an interview.

Commissioners of the eight districts hope that the technological prosperity of South Miami-Dade County can take root

Suarez already Trying to attract The technology industry has been in Miami for many years, and many business tycoons from Silicon Valley and other places Accept his proposal. JD Ross, the co-founder of Ibuying startup Opendoor, tweeted on January 10: “I’m visiting Miami now, and I think there are more people in San Francisco than I saw in San Francisco last year.”, conferences like TNABC and Bitcoin ATMs throughout the city.

District 8 Commissioner Cohen Higgins (Cohen Higgins) explained that Miami’s technology boom will be welcomed. In order to promote the development of these concepts, the cryptocurrency task force will need to obtain approval from the entire county committee. Cohen Higgins concluded: “I hope that the technology boom has taken root in South Miami-Dade County.” “I hope they think about us, and I hope we can take a seat. If we want to build a technology or innovation park [in South Dade], That’s really helpful. “She added.

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