The actor has confirmed that Matt Damon will appear in Thor: Love and Thunder, although his abilities are not yet known. About Thor: Ragnarok, Damon played Loki in the Asgardian stage play to commemorate Loki (Tom Hiddleston), when Joki was disguised as his father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) . Damon may replay the role, but given that the 50-year-old American actor said he will be in Australia-Thor: “Love and Thunder” (Thor: Love and Thunder) filming location -), This may also be a new role to expand the role. The next few months.

Damon said in a statement to the Australian media: “I am very excited that my family and I will be able to call Australia home in the next few months.” “Australian film crews are well-known worldwide for their professionalism. , And I’m very happy to work with them, so the 14-day quarantine will be worthwhile. I want to thank the New South Wales government and the Australian government for their tremendous support, otherwise, it will be impossible.”

According to local regulations in New South Wales, Australia, Damon’s family must be quarantined in a residence for 14 days before they can be removed from the movie or around in public.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed Damon’s arrival in a statement and gave a speech: “Hollywood superstar Matt Damon joined our talented team in New South It is a huge victory to make such an important film in Wales and it has created thousands of jobs for locals.”

In addition to Damon, “Thor: Love and Thunder” protagonist Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Natalie Portman as Jane Foster/The Mighty Thor, Tessa Thompson as Val Kiri, Chris Pratt as Peter Quill/Lord Interstellar, Jamie Alexander as Sif, and Christian Bale as the villain Gore God Butcher. Karen Gillan revealed that she recently came to Sydney to prepare for the role of Nebula (her Guardian of the Galaxy)-which suggests that “Thor: Love and Thunder” may be a “Galactic Asgardians” movie.

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Behind the scenes, Taika Waititi will be the director again-he will also play Korg, introduced in Thor: Ragnarok, and write with Jennifer Kaytin Robinson (Someone Great). Like every Marvel Cinematic Universe title, Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, serves as the producer.

For the fourth stage of the MCU, “Thor: Love and Thunder” will be the sixth film following the leadership of Scarlett Johansson. Black widow (May 7), MCU’s first Asian leader in Shangchi and “Legend of Rings” (July 9), by Chloé Zhao Everlasting (November 5), the unnamed “Spider-Man 3” (December 17) and the three eras of the live-action version of “Spider-Man”, and Doctor Strange in “Crazy Multiverse” (March 2022) , They will be directly combined with WandaVision, RockyAnd “Spiderman” 3.

“Thor: Thor and Thunder” is scheduled to be released in cinemas around the world on May 6, 2022.