“Shangzhi and Legend of Ten Fingers” has been filmed. Last weekend, star Simu Liu and director Destin Daniel Cretton revealed on their social media that the production has been packaged in the first chapter of the “Marvel Cinematic Universe”, with the first being an Asian superhero. Liu said the most in an article, and pointed out how Marvel’s “History” will “make history the first superhero movie with all Asian actors as the theme” and claimed that “Hollywood will not be able to ignore us after this. .”

In the caption of the cast photo to the private Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits, Liu wrote (via The Wrap) [all emphasis his]: “This is a package for Hisashi and the Legend of Ten Fingers!!! Within 9 months from now, we will break records and make history. This is the first film to star as an ALL-ASIAN actor​​​ Superhero movie, and it’s playing so fast, it’s not even fun. Well, it’s a lie, actually, it’s also fun. For everyone who hates skin color or can’t feel skin color; no more. This is Our movies, Hollywood will not be able to ignore us after this.”

Liu is more simple and clear on Instagram. He captioned his photos on Cretton: “We made a baby!!! We can’t wait to introduce him to the world in 9 months… #WRAPPED.” By taking photos with his wife Nikki Chapman, his sister Joy Cretton and actor Zhang Meng, Cretton used fewer words to describe his joy on Instagram [emphasis his]: “We. Yes. Package!”

It is unclear whether Meng played a role in Marvel’s “Shangzhi” or played a role in Clayton’s friends, as she has never been reported before. In addition to Liu, other actors in “Shang Zhi” and “Legend of Ten Rings” include Tony Leung (“In the Mood for Love” in Mandarin), “Awkwafina” (“Jumanji: The Next Level”), “Ronny Chieng” (“Daily Show “), and Michelle Yeoh (the crazy rich man in Asia).

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The filming of the film began in February on Marvel’s Shang-Chi, but due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, filming was stopped in March. It can recover faster than other works in July. The Marvel movie was shot at Fox Studios Australia in Sydney, Australia and the larger Australian state of New South Wales in Sydney, and will be released on February 11, 2022, followed by “Thor: Love and Thunder” .

“Shangzhi” and “Legend of Ten Rings” are currently expected to be released globally on July 9, 2021.