In the past few years, smart contracts and blockchain Oracle have changed the encryption industry, and a specific project called Chainlink is by far the most widely used Oracle network. Another interesting thing about Chainlink is that the creator of the project, Sergey Nazarov, has recently been a suspect in Satoshi Nakamoto. Last year, many reports tried to use indirect evidence and speculation to prove that Nazarov might be the creator of Bitcoin.

Chainlink founder Sergey Nazarov thinks Satoshi Nakamoto is suspicious

In the past few years, has written extensively what some people consider to be the biggest mystery in the cryptocurrency field. A large number of detectives are looking for Satoshi Nakamoto and the whereabouts of all the bitcoins mined when the creator started the network.

Our news desk has also created an exhaustive list of all suspects in Satoshi Nakamoto, and the latest in the list is the current theory. Last year, some reports and a Youtube video outlined the possibility that Sergey Nazarov, the creator of Chainlink (LINK), may be the inventor of Bitcoin.

A report written by UX Sequence ( provides a comprehensive overview of all the evidence that allegedly links Nazarov to the creation of Bitcoin. The following is the tenth issue of the “Many Facts” Satoshi Nakamoto series from

Many facts that Sergey Nazarov, who points to Chainlink, became Satoshi Nakamoto
32-year-old Sergey Nazarov (pictured on the left) was regarded as a suspect in the hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto. The picture on the right shows all the interesting areas of Nazarov. was created six days before the release of the Bitcoin white paper.

At least, speculators believe that Sergey Nazarov’s incubation period was nearby at least for Satoshi Nakamoto. Nazarov is currently 32 years old, and his parents are Russian immigrants who immigrated to New York.

Chainlink is a popular asset because it currently ranks ninth in market capitalization at the time of writing. Basically, the project is a decentralized oracle network, which connects smart contracts to many external elements and APIs. The project was launched in 2017, but it is said that it was originally founded in 2014 by Steve Ellis and Nazarov. Chainlink is used by many organizations including Open Law, Web3 Foundation, Google, SWIFT, Zeppelin and many others.

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The first piece of evidence linking Nazarov to the creation of Bitcoin is that the creator of Chainlink purchased the domain name in Satoshi’s white paper six days before Halloween 2008. Web portal, and to understand its history, you must use

Many facts that Sergey Nazarov, who points to Chainlink, became Satoshi Nakamoto
Today, forwards visitors to the Chainlink website, but this is what it was like a few years ago.

The creation of the web portal was nothing smoking a few days ago. It points to Nazarov as Satoshi, but this is interesting circumstantial evidence. However, it is strange that hypothetical people think that Sergey Nazarov and Satoshi Nakamoto use the same abbreviation.

In addition, in October 2020, Nazarov appeared in a video of Chainlink’s Ben Chan, showing him how long he has been involved in blockchain work. In the video, Nazarov said that he has been in the blockchain field for ten years and then corrected himself. If this is the case, then in the same period when Nakamoto appeared, Nazarov may be engaged in Bitcoin research between the ages of 21-22.

QED Capital and Russian agent

Nazarov also owns many blockchain-related domains that were registered early. was registered on October 25, 2008, and a website called was registered in April 2016. Other website domain names show that Nazarov has close ties with a Russian company called QED Capital.

Many facts that Sergey Nazarov, who points to Chainlink, became Satoshi Nakamoto
In June 2020, financial reporter Michael Kapilkov discovered that the first version of Bitcoin (v0.1.0) contained Russian agents.

Nazarov registered some QED Capital websites in 2012, the company behind his past two projects, Secure Asset Exchange (SAE) and encrypted mail. Those who believe in the current Nazarov-Satoshi theory pointed to recent discoveries that show that Satoshi Nakamoto allegedly used a Russian agent to hide his location and identity.

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QED Capital’s website details Nazarov’s role as managing director, and Nazarov’s original Whois document also mentions the company.

The story of Mikimoto Kokichi and the perfectly spherical cultured pearls

In addition to the connection with QED Capital, speculators also cited Nazarov’s unique metaphor about a character named “Mikimoto Kokichi” published in 2013.

Many facts that Sergey Nazarov, who points to Chainlink, became Satoshi Nakamoto

According to this story, Mikimoto created super spherical pearls or pearls that are smoother than today. Mikimoto Pearls are also planted, and the whole metaphor is very similar to Satoshi Nakamoto’s story.

“In 1878, Kokichi Mikimoto discovered how to make high-quality pearls by cultivating artificial pearls. It turned out that his pearls/products were better than most of the best pearls found under natural conditions.” Naza Rove wrote at the time. “He discovered this discovery without any education in the’natural sciences’. It was basically through costly trial and error to arrive at his innovation.” Nazarov’s story further stated:

Before his discovery, most of the pearls were not even spherical in sight with the naked eye. Today, 90% of all pearls sold are made by his method and look like perfect spherical “cultured pearls”.

Chainlink’s Sergey Nazarov is not the only cryptocurrency developer accused of being Satoshi Nakamoto. According to reports, Hal Finney is a mysterious creator, and a style study also pointed his finger at Gavin Andresen. The creator of the first proof-of-stake digital currency and the Peercoin network Sunny King has always been a skeptic. In addition, Ignotus Peverell, the founder of the pseudonym Grin, is also a candidate for the summer of 2019.

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How do you think Sergey Nazarov may be Satoshi Nakamoto? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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