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Many facts pointing to Paul Le Roux becoming Satoshi Nakamoto

The 48-year-old former programmer and crime cartel boss Paul Calder Le Roux was seen as a suspect in Satoshi Nakamoto in the spring of 2019. This suspicion has led some people to believe that Le Roux is by far the most credible Satoshi Nakamoto. I still think it is him. The following editorial is the eighth issue of’s “Many Facts” series, which fully introduces the circumstantial evidence tied to Paul Le Roux and the mysterious creator of Bitcoin.

Paul Le Roux, a former cartel boss, DEA whistleblower and software programmer, was arrested and jailed after being arrested for various crimes in 2012. There are many reasons to think that Le Roux might have created Bitcoin, and the first indirect evidence appeared. In the Kleiman v. Wright lawsuit.

During the discovery of the lawsuit, Craig Wright filed a motion for a protection order and made numerous changes. However, there is an unedited footnote in Wright’s file called “Document 187”, which is the URL of Paul Le Roux’s Wikipedia page.

In Document 187 in the Kleiman v. Wright lawsuit, the name of Paul Le Roux is linked to Wik​​i.

Once this unedited footnote was made public, it quickly spread on cryptocurrency forums and social media platforms such as Twitter. People began to suggest that Le Roux might be the creator of Bitcoin, and Wright somehow gained access to the criminal’s hard drive.

It was also suggested that Le Roux is a former software engineer, which shows that he has the technical expertise to create cryptocurrencies. For example, Le Roux is responsible for creating an open source disk encryption platform called E4M. In addition, an E4M branch called “Truecrypt” was released, but Le Roux refused to participate in the project.

When he was arrested in 2012, it was believed that this was why Satoshi Nakamoto came to the fore in December 2010. US law enforcement agencies arrested Le Roux on September 26, 2012, on charges of drugs, seven murders and operating a criminal syndicate.

Then, after the leak of the Kleiman v. Wright lawsuit codification, an anonymous person posted a screenshot of Le Roux’s Republic of Congo ID card on 4chan. In the description of the card, Le Roux calls himself “Paul Solotshi Calder Le Roux”. In addition, the anonymous writer on the 4chan message board wrote:

Bitcoin is the plan of an evil genius…Paul Solothy Calder Leroux. He only intended to do this for the purpose of money laundering…Unfortunately, shortly after he quieted down as Satoshi, he was caught by law enforcement, and he spent the rest of his life in a prison cell rot.

In addition, another piece of indirect evidence related to Le Roux is his “E4M Manifesto”, which supports the view that “strong encryption is a mechanism”. Then after the rumor that Le Roux became Zhongzhi was resolved in the spring of 2019, in July, investigative reporter Evan Ratliff explained in the podcast archive that he believed that Le Roux was “so far The most credible Zhongzhi”. Ratliff also explained in the Wired article that he believes that the crime planner Le Roux created the Bitcoin network.

Investigative reporter Evan Ratliff said he thinks Paul Le Roux is the most credible Satoshi Nakamoto to date.

Then, in a surprising plot turn in 2020, Paul Le Roux told Manhattan Federal Judge Ronnie Abrams that he would “be engaged in selling and hosting bitcoin The business of coin miners”. Le Roux stated in great detail that he used “special optimization” to create a custom application specific integrated circuit (ASIC).

“These optimizations have allowed me to create an ASIC chip design, so I can create an ASIC miner who is an order of magnitude faster in Bitcoin mining than any current design. To this end, I plan to release my knowledge and skills to more Good legal use,” Le Roux emphasized to the judge.

There is some indirect evidence that Le Roux may be Satoshi Nakamoto, but the evidence is very weak. There are indeed no smokers suggesting that Le Roux is the creator of Bitcoin, except for possible technical expertise and a coincidental disappearance timeline.

In addition, circumstantial evidence and speculation originate from the Kleiman v. Wright lawsuit, which is also different. So far, no one has been able to substantively connect Paul Le Roux with Satoshi Nakamoto, and clues have led to many deadlocks.

What do you think of the claim that Paul Le Roux may be Satoshi Nakamoto? Let us know in the comments below.

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