Falcon and Winter Soldier ended their six episodes on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar last Friday, but the Marvel series left a lot of narrative clues-and asked us a lot of questions. Spoilers are natural. How did Power Broker / Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) or Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) appear? What happened to the American agent/John Walker (Wyatt Russell) redemption arc? What happened to the vaccines smuggled by Flag Smashers? Why is Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stein) still called the Winter Soldier? What do we expect from the new Captain America/Sam Wilson (Anthony McGee) in Captain America 4?

After the finale, Malcolm Spellman, the creator, lead writer and executive producer of “Falcon” and “Winter Soldier”, talked to Advertisement Shout and answered all these questions-some are typical shrouded surprises-okay , Except for the last one. In fact, Spellman would not even confirm the existence of Captain America 4. “If this happens, it will be Marvel’s,” he said. When asked about the director’s wish list for the Captain America movie, Spellman didn’t accept the bait and just said, “Oh, I can’t say that. I don’t know, there are too many great options.”

The following is an edited transcript of the conversation between Advertisement Shout and Spellman. Some questions have been reordered for clarity.

Falcon and Winter Soldier creators in Captain America 4: Report

Gadget 360: When you wrote “Falcon” and “The Winter Soldier”, did you always realize that you wrote this book in Season 2 or “Captain America 4”?

Malcolm Spellman: No, you are currently working. And Marvel, they want you to write the best version you are currently writing, without worrying about anything else-they will take care of all of this.

One of the foreseeable factors is that, because of what we saw in “Avengers: Endgame,” we always knew that Sam would eventually become Captain America. How do you manage this content to ensure that it is not like point A to point B?

That was the mission statement from the beginning. We feel very safe, for example, whether-when Steve handed Sam the shield, I didn’t even think about asking Marvel what they were going to do, and he said, “It feels like it belongs to someone else.” I I don’t know how much they think about it. But this is only the beginning of Sam’s journey, because there is a sense of contradiction from the moment it is handed over to Sam. And we know that whether he picks up the shield or not, we want to make it very, very challenging, and very, very important. Part of what makes the whole journey thorough and thorough is to ensure that Sam’s reluctance is rooted in things that viewers will love: “Yes, I get it. I get it. It’s not an easy choice.” Basically, we Want to make sure that for Sam, this is by no means an easy decision. Just like you experienced it with him, his journey to finally accept it was very satisfying. Rather than guessing whether he will take on the heavy responsibility, we hope to allow the audience to embark on a journey of difficult choices.

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Emily VanCamp, power broker for “Falcon” and “The Winter Soldier”
Image source: EliAdé/Marvel Studios

This season, we have many new elements. You have the power to broker. You have Valentina coming in. Then you pop up Zemo from time to time, and John Walker becomes an American agent. Did you decide on all these elements, or did Marvel give certain elements needed for the upcoming movie or TV show?

Smoother than this. Marvel provides you with a menu, but the menu does not display “Use this person, please use this person”.Yes, “here is [Marvel Cinematic Universe] We hope you can explore whether they are suitable for your story. “Then, choose from their menu, and everything else will flow organically from there.

What elements did you think of during the writing process, Marvel is like: “Well, you can’t use it, because we already have that in the upcoming movie or TV show.”

Well, for example, what happens is-what I describe is that they make you into a bubble. Your bubble is equivalent to, if Spider-Man is on the top of the Empire State Building and sees Iron Man flying by, he knows what Iron Man is doing, but he doesn’t know that is correct. For us, this is the same thing. They don’t tell you what’s happening around you, but if you say: “Oh, I want Wanda, or I want the visuals to appear in my show,” they said, “I don’t think they will appear in your show “The show”, you are like “Well, I think WandaVision will definitely come.”

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Falcon and Winter Soldier review: the clumsy takeoff of the 2nd generation of MCU

Surprising fans like to delve into the theory and write new theories in each episode. One thing they discovered was that in the second episode, Flag Smashers was transporting these vaccines by truck. Fans suddenly began to wonder if there is a bigger plot line. If there is a plot line, can you clarify this?

Yes, you can say that MCU is a living organism that can breathe. In its scope and scope, it is more and more like a book. So, you know, all these threads may be related to something and may be tied to something bigger.

In the finale, John Walker, after taking various drastic measures in the fourth episode, seems to be leading him to some form of salvation. He started to support Sam and Bucky to stop Flag Smashers. Is it the deliberate redemption arc you want him to use, or is it something you want-

Well, we don’t want to judge the role. Meaning, if you ask the character to tell the truth about what he or she is going to do, then for John Walker, salvation is a small sum-I don’t think anyone believes that his fight from episode 4 is fake of. It feels very honest, so the character himself decides to redeem it. But obviously, as you can see from Val’s scene, this is a partial redemption. [Laughs] He is still John Walker.

Falcon Winter Soldier American Agent Valentina Falcon Winter Soldier American Agent Valentina

Wyatt Russell is an American agent, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is Valentina, “Falcon” and “The Winter Soldier”
Image credit: Chuck Zlotnick / Marvel Studios

Since you mentioned Valentina, there have been reports that she should actually appear in Black widow The previous movies were postponed due to the pandemic, which is why she appeared in “Falcon” and “The Winter Soldier” in the first place. At some point in the writing process, did you guys know that you can join this new role played by the amazing Julia Luis Dreyfus?

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So please remember my analogy to Spider-Man.They don’t tell me what’s going on Black widow, They won’t tell me what’s going on Moon knight. You are just a clue. So I don’t know if Val appears elsewhere. She stayed there for a while-f–you know, it’s a long process. I don’t know a man, she stayed there for a while.

On the one hand, Walker died of cold blood. However, other Avengers including Sam also took extreme measures to stop the personnel. From the first episode, he blew up the helicopter to stop the terrorists. How do you balance these things and make it look like a properly cohesive world?

I think this is a very complicated issue. Where did it come from, yes. Ideally, no one wants their hero to kill someone. But in a fierce battle, you are trying to save lives, and someone has died, [has] Bad intentions will prevent you from saving lives, and you will take more extreme measures there. When John Walker killed that person, look at its origin. It comes from anger and revenge. When he does this, there is no benefit.

At the end of the show, the title card will be changed to Captain America and Winter Soldier. This is appropriate, because that is the journey of the Falcon to Captain America. But why does Bucky’s title still stay on Winter Soldier? In the series, he sometimes calls himself “White Wolf”. What is missing in that title in his journey?

In my opinion, this is creative-I believe he has officially surpassed the role of “Winter Soldier”. I just think you have to ask Marvel. I think it’s just poetry of words, for example, I don’t know it is more complicated than this. You want to feel that something happened, but yes, many people ask me about it.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier are playing on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar.