Spoilers for “Mafia: Final Edition”

At the end of “Mafia: Ultimate Edition”-2K-owned developer Hangar 13 is a remake of the 2002 critically acclaimed original-the protagonist Thomas “Tommy” Angelo (Andrew Bongiorno) who turned from a fool into a mob pointed out that family is all. Tommy is peaceful before his death because his family’s safety and financial future are solid, even though he may have been chasing mobs or jailed for most of his married life to ensure results. But the family focus of the ending seems out of place, because Tommy’s family has been ignored until then. His wife Sarah (Bella Popa) was an afterthought, and her daughter didn’t even have a name. These are obvious omissions and symbolize its total collapse.

This is a shame, because this story (to this day) is still the best part of “The Mafia: The Authority” nearly two decades ago. And almost every aspect has been improved. Even though his creative inspiration comes from dozens of mafia movies (including “Good Guy” and “The Godfather”) and lacks originality or sense of humor, writer and director Harden Blackman (“Star Wars: The Force Unleashed”) Still present it scene by scene. At the scene level, there are richer dialogues and performances. The new cast-carefully selected for their acting ability and sound authenticity-injected life into the characters in “Mafia: Definitive Edition”, while also gaining in facial capture in the field of video games since 2002 Huge benefits have been obtained from technological progress.

“Mafia: Authority Edition” also added the most easily overlooked content: broadcasting. The background of the game is set during the Great Depression in the 1930s, when the economic collapse cast a long shadow on American lives. U.S. Presidents Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt tried to provide encouragement. The mayor, congressman and police chief issued a statement on the increasingly serious criminal activities of alcohol prohibition, and this news The words of Hitler and the Nazis came to rise in the ponds of Europe.

Culturally speaking, the 1930s was also a period of great experimentation in the United States. Swing Jazz (Duke of Ellington, Duke of Cab Calloway and Django Reinhardt in the new licensed soundtrack) stitched these announcements together. The radio is essential to enrich “Mafia: The Definitive Edition”, so the game has a dedicated “radio writer” in Matthew Aitken. The wonderful soundtrack of composer Jesse Harlin (who deployed a complete orchestra and dived into mandolin and gimbal) further enriched the music and injected charm into the story.

And everything looks great, as it should be. The fictional city “Lost Paradise” is based on Chicago, New York, and San Francisco in the 1930s, which means bridges, trams, muscle cars, zeppelins, and streets separated by rivers in the sky are chaotic. During the day, it is a bit flat except for the colorful vehicles, but it is (literally) lit at night due to neon lights and billboards. Now, its 4K HDR (on PC, PS4 Pro, and Xbox One X) is available, although the textures and character models look like premium 1080p outside of cutscenes. They don’t have enough details, they will appear jagged in terms of advanced water effects, and there are artifacts. Nevertheless, “Mafia: Final Edition” still provides a visual upgrade in the dark, just like day and night, it begs for the camera mode, unfortunately, this is where the game lacks.

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But there are bigger problems than no camera mode. Although “Lost in Paradise” offers all the beauty and nostalgia of America in the 1930s, it is only a beautiful front. Unlike today’s open world games, Mafia: Definitive Edition is a linear game that can push you from one story mission to another. Of course, you can collect a lot of collectibles on pulp magazines, comic books, and cigarette cards, but there are no side tasks, trivial activities, or characters without stories to meet. “Lost Paradise” looks like a city full of vitality at first, especially when the opening ceremony sweeps you across the streets and introduces you to its many neighborhoods, but once you really start exploring, it all feels like A huge movie.

Like the original game, “Mafia: Final Edition” divides free roaming into its own mode: “free ride”-unlike the original game, there are no two versions of free ride. If you want to kill innocent citizens and chase the police madly, you must exit the story mode and return to the main menu first. Keep that awkward delivery system consistent with the sensitivity of the narrative, because Tommy’s work did not deliberately attract people’s attention. This reminds me of Charlie Brooker, the creator of “Black Mirror”, who once pointed out how “random” open world games are. In “Mafia: Final Edition”, it has a good pace advantage. By keeping an eye on the main story, it won’t slow things down and keep you engaged.

Tommy Angelo and policeman Frank Coletti (Steven Oliver) in “Mafia: Definitive Edition”
Photo Credit: 2K / Hangar 13

“Mafia: Authority Edition” is essentially a huge flashback, because Tommy told Mafia detective Norman (Dameon J. Clarke) about his rise in the Mafia because he needed to protect his family. This is partly a story of a loser, because Tommy’s boss Don Salieri (Glenn Taranto) did not use his rival Don Morello. (Saul Stein)’s influence. Of course, this also involves the impact of mafia life on you, because you lie to your loved ones, constantly live in fear, and question the loyalty of everyone around you. But about the life of the Mafia, there are many things that the game cannot provide. It shows no extravagance like Goodfellas. More importantly, it will never untie the layers that make up Tommy and resort to one-time references that will not stick. Despite the lead role, he still feels like a cardboard figure.

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Like the narrative, the missions in “Mafia: Final Edition” lack the variety provided by today’s open world games, although part of it is made up for by the visual variety it provides. Hangar 13 also tried to improve the combat mechanism by introducing a cover system and close combat, but it is not here anymore. Melee fighting is a joke, because it is essentially dodge or counterattack, and then repeatedly press the attack button until you activate a mini cutscene game and Tommy shuts out the opponent.

Gunfights are relatively better. The enemy will try to get a fatal blow from your side or close, and throw a Molotov cocktail or grenade to force you to move. But not always. Their numbers are also very credible. Movement is not very natural, and it can be frustrating when trapped in the line of fire or discovered during an invisible mission that “Mafia: Final Edition” cannot perform as you wish. In some cases, bullets seem to pass through walls and enemies. However, rest assured, this is not the case of bullet sponges.

Hangar 13 also introduces a new element to the driving of the mafia: the authoritative version. For example, you can now ride a motorcycle. Then there is a “punch” button, which can provide you with a small acceleration boost and better car handling to help you crash the chasing vehicle into oncoming cars, lampposts and buildings. Moreover, when you turn on the navigation function, “Mafia: Definitive Edition” will temporarily display road signs on street corners to tell you what direction you need to take, thus helping you always focus on the road instead of browsing the mini map.

Mafia Authority Edition Driving Night Mafia Authority Edition Review

The Mafia Lost in the City of Paradise at Night: Definitive Edition
Image Credit: 2K / Hangar 13

Like the original “Mafia” game, there is selective damage. After hitting the front of our car too many times, we lost all acceleration. Of course, in any case, driving is a challenge in itself, because you are using old, overly heavy cars, which tend to behave abnormally and make turns difficult. Strangely, there is no handbrake button to help you slide past them. You can further increase the driving difficulty by switching to simulation processing, and then solve it by switching to manual transmission.

Mafia: Definitive Edition has four preset difficulty options: “Easy”, “Medium”, “Difficult” and “Classic”. The last of them is new and essentially maximizes everything. When you are injured, your health will be depleted faster, the vehicle will be depleted as a result, and your health will be reduced when using a first aid kit. Your opponent is stronger, smarter, and invisible on the mini map. The police not only react to personal injuries, but also to regular violations such as speeding, vehicle collisions and red light jumping. Moreover, if you reload the weapon while there are still bullets in the magazine, you will all be lost.

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In the end, this is a game designed around the battle, lasting about twelve hours, you are unlikely to spend more time in “Mafia: Definitive Edition”, because it is not meaningful and not attractive. Potential. come back. But what is even more annoying is that it is half-baked in every aspect. The updated story handles better, but there are still some obvious gaps. The improved visual effects are not up to 2020 standards-oh, they are just appearance. There are new combat mechanisms, but they can’t raise the shooting position. “Mafia: Authority Edition” is calling for greater control and deeper reflection on the steering wheel, because in its current state, it has forgotten the fact that it has been 18 years since the original version.

This is a long time for any entertainment, especially in video games, and “Mafia: Definitive Edition” is still a long way from achieving its goal.


  • The story is handled properly and the dialogue is rich
  • Good performance, credible accent
  • Broadcasting is a great world building tool
  • Looks great at night
  • The enemy is sometimes smart
  • Realistic difficulty options


  • The main character, the family focus of the story needs more
  • Melee is a joke
  • Character movement is not smooth
  • 4K texture needs more detail, refinement
  • There is nothing to do but the main story

Rating (out of 10 points): 7

Gadget 360 played “Mafia: Definitive Edition” on Xbox One X. The price of the game is Rs. It’s Rs 2,199 on Steam on PC. It was 2,499 on PS4 and Xbox One. You can also get it as part of the “Mafia Trilogy”, which also includes “Mafia II: Authority Edition” and “Mafia III: Authority Edition”. The price of the bundle is Rs. The PC on Steam is priced at Rs 3,299. 3,999 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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