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Lupin gets the Queen’s Gambit on Netflix with the highest number of views, reaching a record 70 million views worldwide

The streaming platform said on Tuesday that the TV series “Lupin” produced by Netflix is ​​a cunning modern filming of France’s beloved gentleman thief. Its first month of global views is expected to reach 70 million, setting a record for French TV shows .

According to current trends, the series will be attracted by Netflix’s recent blockbuster “The Queen’s Gambit”, which has 62 million views, and it also includes Bridgerton and others. Top English songs.

The company told AFP that Netflix’s forecast covers the 28 days ending on February 5.

“70 million, this is crazy,” Omar Sy tweeted. “Lupin is very proud of being the first French series to be so successful internationally.”

So far, only half of the 10 episodes of the first season are available on Netflix.

They are the top viewing charts in about 10 countries/regions including Brazil, Vietnam, Argentina and Spain.

Since the TV show was released, the French novelist Maurice Leblanc’s Argentene Burglar (Argentene Burglar) is the book series published by Arsene Lupine in 1905. Since the TV show was released, The book’s sales topped the list.

In a series set in modern Paris, Sy plays Assane Diop (Assane Diop), inspired by gentleman thieves and masters of disguise to avenge his father’s wealth.

Sy said to the 20-minute show every day: “For actors, lupin is the perfect plaything.” He said: “His role is dramatic, but relaxed, funny, seductive and full of action.”

When asked why so few black actors played the leading roles in French productions, Sy said: “I don’t know. But we hope we can start some cooperation with Lupin.”

The series is produced by Gaumont and mainly written by British George Kay. Its past works include “Eve before Killing”, “Convicts” and “Hours”.

Kay told AFP earlier this month: “The beauty of Omar is that when he plays Assane with his charisma and smile, even if he breaks the rules, he wants him to succeed.”

According to a compilation of reviews from the Internet Movie Database, “Lupin” has a score of 7.4 out of 10.

The Globe and Mail called it a “majestic spice”, while the Chicago Tribune called it “Sy’s Bond-style elegance and understated charm can fascinate you.”

In recent years, Netflix has invested in several French original works, including Plan Coeur and La Revolution, but the comments are different.

Marseille’s first French Netflix TV series starring Gerard Depardieu in 2016 was criticized by critics. El Pais called it “a disaster”, and ” The New York Times stated that “this matter has become more circular and absurd.”

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