Press release. The Securypto trade will open in Bilaxy on January 1, 2021, and all indicators indicate that it will start to go strong given the high demand for it and the low circulation of tokens pointed out by the Securypto team. When it starts trading on Bilaxy, only 410,000 coins will be sold.

Most importantly, another 750,000 coins were burned recently on December 28, 2020. This news alone has made investors more concerned about Securypto’s potential in the market, especially since SCU coin is one of the few coins with real value. Example.

Considering the scarcity of coins, the Securypto Telegram community predicts that in recent polls, the value of coins will increase over time, both in the short and long term.

Securypto had raised nearly $100,000 before the opening of the exchange, which is the days of ICOs, which is a remarkable feat in itself. This signal clearly shows the strong belief of the community and investors in this project.


Bilaxy’s support is unprecedented. “Bilaxy has always been the location of crypto hidden gems. We are happy to support more promising blockchain projects through our various financial services (such as transactions, mortgages, etc.). In today’s era, anonymous It is a scarce commodity. We have seen the potential of Securypto and can develop a model in which you can control the data and send and receive truly anonymous encrypted data.”

About SCU

SCU stands for Security Token and is a utility token that enables users to send and receive encrypted messages and data using its application DigiSafeGuard. The app itself already allows you to do this, but the utility token enables an anonymity layer on top of it, which makes it an ideal tool for everyone who is concerned about personal privacy sending and receiving data.

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Early feedback from early adapters indicates that most people living in restrictive countries are using this application, such as North Korea and places where censorship is very strict and freedom of speech is a luxury, and Securypto provides them with voice.

The whistleblower also praised its ease of use and high-level encryption, and how it makes it easy to use as Whatsapp, but when you send a message, it looks like your message entered a wormhole and the recipient received the message , No one can discover the path taken from the sender to the receiver, so that no one can track or decrypt the message.

It is not surprising why the community and investors are excited about the development and launch of SCU/ETH trading on the Bilaxy exchange on January 1, 2021.

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