For many years, the famous economist and gold expert Peter Schiff has been opposed to Bitcoin because he claimed that precious metals are far superior. Many people have refuted Schiff’s statement about Bitcoin, but in the past year, the gold bug has brought him another trouble. In recent days, Schiff’s Twitter nemesis is his own son Spencer Schiff. He is a young entrepreneur who has “experienced finance, Austrian economics, and liberalism”. , [and] Anarchic capitalism. “

Gold bug and Bitcoin bug

In the past year, News has repeatedly reported on Peter Schiff, and once our news desk reported on his father Irwin Schiff. His late father Irwin was a very popular libertarian and tax resistance advocate, and he published many books.

In other cases this year, our news desk also reported on Peter’s son. Peter’s son, Spencer Schiff, Is an advocate of Bitcoin (BTC), and when his father tweeted about leading crypto assets, he always had something to say.

On Sunday morning (ET), when his father posted a reply to Zerohedge’s article on inflation on Twitter, Spencer write: “It’s better to let yourself sit down,” his father’s tweet replied.

When Peter wrote a tweet Regarding the Fed and its Chairman Jerome Powell (Jerome Powell) did not show concern about inflation, Spencer (Spencer) Reply With a laser photo of his father, he said, “Join us.”

But when someone tell Peter said he raised a clever child write:

He may be smart, but when it comes to Bitcoin, he is a fool.

Spencer questioned listening to his father’s advice on Bitcoin

A few days ago, Peter Schiff Tweet About his favorite silver, another precious metal, he also shared an article on the subject.his son Respond to Just like he did it every few days, he tweeted a tweet about Bitcoin.

In another instance, a person is discussing with Spencer that he might have more bitcoins if he does not listen to his father.

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“If I stopped listening to his Bitcoin advice earlier, I would definitely sit more.” Say.

When his father shared an article about the beginning or end of the so-called Bitcoin bear market, Spencer answered but did not read the article. “I’ll bend over, bet you think this is the beginning,” his son Remarks.

They agreed on one thing: liberalism

It can be said that just like Peter Schiff constantly tweeted about his dislike of Bitcoin, Spencer also tweeted his father.

“in case [Microstrategy’s] Michael Saylor is correct. The higher the price of Bitcoin, the lower the risk of buying. Then, the lower the price of Bitcoin, the greater the risk of holding the stock. This must also be is correct. For a bear market, this is an extremely dangerous feature of an asset. ” write Labeled the CEO of Microstrategy on April 22.

Like clockwork, a few hours later, Spencer Schiff gave his father an interesting response, and Spencer often got more likes and retweets.

Spencer replied:

Do you need to remind that Bitcoin has appreciated by 600% in the past year?

Peter Schiff and his son Spencer seem to have a strong and interesting relationship, and everything that is said is mainly an attack on BTC or gold. The gold bug has been fighting Bitcoin for a long time, and it seems that he will not convince him soon, even his own son.

The Bitcoiners have formed an alliance with Spencer Schiff to some extent because they know he will quickly respond to his father’s anti-Bitcoin tweet. Despite the differences on Bitcoin, both Spencer and Peter are free market advocates and both follow Irving’s liberal ideals.

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What do you think of the Bitcoin relationship between Peter and Spencer Schiff? Let us know your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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