Rocky Episode 4-now airing on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar-has just changed the new Marvel series. Keep reading our review, unless you are worried about spoilers.Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) revealed that from Rocky In episode 3, those who work for the Jet Lag Administration are time variants like Rocky (played by Tom Hiddleston) and herself. This is the core of everything. It triggered TVA’s awareness, revelation and rebellion-Hunter B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku) first, then Mobius (Owen Wilson). It also leads to the truth about the omnipotent guardian of time and further mysteries about the true authority behind TVA. It tells us that there is a piece of land that has come back to life in TVA-or so-called pruning-although if you don’t stick to it, you might miss this. Rocky The fourth episode of the inter-credit scenario.

At the same time, it weakens Rocky Episode 4 ends, because this Loki variant has not disappeared forever, but just elsewhere.In addition, it also undermines the emotional shock of seeing Mobius being pruned in the early days Rocky Episode 4. If there is another place, then this Mobius variant is also the same as other Mobius variants.And because Rocky Need Hiddleston by his and will find a way to get him back, Mobius can also be brought back.

Rocky Episode 4-“The Nexus Event” directed by Kate Herron and written by Eric Martin-Opening in Asgard, young Sylvie (Kelly Fleming) was arrested for violating the sacred timeline. How can an innocent child disrupt the timeline by himself?This is to get Rocky The audience around Sylvie demonstrated how cruel TVA works. But at TVA, just when she was brought before the judge, the young Sylvie escaped from Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) who was still a hunter at this time.Sylvie seems to have been running since then, and this Rocky Episode 4 publicly explained why Sylvie hates TVA so much. Her whole life was ruined. Back to the present, the elder Lavorna remembered those days and went to see the Guardian of Time.

After coming out of the golden elevator, Lavona was accosted by Mobius Rocky Episode 4, because he wants to know what happened to Hunter C-20 (Sasha Lane) captured by Sylvie before. Lavona was obviously hiding something. She told Mobius that the C-20 Cuckoo was now dead. But now that we know that she is an ordinary person on earth, it is obvious that this is more than what Lavorna said. Plus Lavona asked Mobius to maintain this between them.

Rocky Tamil and Telugu dubbing will premiere on Disney+ Hotstar VIP on June 30

Owen Wilson as Mobius, and Gugu Mbata-Raw as Lavona in Rocky Episode 4
Image Credit: Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios

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Back to Lamentis-1 Rocky Episode 3 went off the air because Sylvie and Loki accepted their impending death. Sylvie told Loki about her past we just saw: she has been running because she shouldn’t exist. Meanwhile, at TVA, Hunter B-15 and Mobius are tracking any movement on the timeline. B-15, she looks like something is wrong-Sylvie has taken over her for a while Rocky Episode 2-Ask Mobius about C-20, but he says he doesn’t know anything. Back to Lamentis-1, Sylvie wondered if their ability to fail again and again made them “Loki”. To keep them optimistic when they go out, Loki thinks they can survive anyway. This is what makes them “Rocky”. There is a real connection moment, which will cause the timeline to break and help TVA catch them (and save them from Lamentis-1).

Was thrown into two different time theaters, Rocky The situation in episode 4 is roughly the same as the first two episodes of the Marvel series. Mobius was upset that Loki had betrayed him. Just before he was thrown into the time cell, Loki told Mobius that TVA was lying to him. Of course, considering Loki’s betrayal, Mobius was not keen to believe him. In the time cell, Loki met an angry Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander)-it seemed because she had her hair cut. She called him a “cunning, cowardly, and pathetic worm”, slapped him, slapped him in the groin, beat him, and walked away. Loki wants to know if he is trapped in a prison with a bad memory, but the result is Sif in the loop of time. She came in, and no matter how hard Loki tried, he would eventually be slapped, beaten, punched and kicked.

Elsewhere Rocky In episode 4, Mobius went to Lavona because he also wanted to talk to Sylvie. He believes that if he talks to the two Loki variants, he can more quickly find out the cause of the contact incident on Lamentis-1. But Lavorna would not let him do that. Mobius met B-15 outside, and after failing to enter Sylvie’s Time Theater, he told her Loki said that TVA lied to them. This further inspired some things in B-15, and she apparently began to doubt the things around her.

After Loki gets along with Sif in Time Cell, Mobius enters and brings Loki back. Loki was not interested in talking to Mobius about what he was doing, but his tone changed after Mobius threatened to throw him back into (time) prison. Loki has always claimed to be the mastermind, and Sylvie is just a pawn. However, Mobius also has his own tricks, he said Sylvie has been pruned. This stirred up something in Loki’s mind, even if he said “get out of trouble”. Mobius chuckles, realizing that Loki has fallen in love with himself: a sickly, twisted romantic interest. It is perfect for a narcissist to fall in love with his kind. Loki has been trying to understand the truth about TVA-in the end, he just blurted it out.

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Sidebar: It feels like building a multiverse. After all, once Mobius, B-15, and all hunters and analysts discover that the sacred timeline they protect is at the expense of their own (past) lives, how will they react?If TVA’s dedicated workforce is really a time variant, then it seems Rocky It should end with the end of TVA. In turn, this will result in multiple timelines. All of this should be well guided to Doctor Strange in next year’s “Crazy Multiverse”.

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loki episode 4 wunmi mosaku loki episode 4

Wunmi Mosaku plays Hunter B-15 in Loki Episode 4
Image source: Disney/Marvel Studios

As Rocky The progress of episode 4 seems to be the beginning. B-15 finally increased his confidence in Sylvie. Returning to the Roxxcart Apocalypse, B-15 wondered what Sylvie had shown her before. They are your memories. B-15 thinks she is lying-why don’t you? ——But Sylvie admits that she can’t create memories, she can only use things that already exist. B-15 then asked Sylvie to do it again. “I look very happy,” B-15 said as he walked out of the barrier. “What should I do now?” she asked. They will obviously cause trouble at TVA.

At the same time Rocky In episode 4, Mobius and Lavona are drinking to celebrate the conclusion of Loki’s case. But after Loki repeatedly stressed that TVA lied to them, Mobius was also irritated. He asked Lavona again about C-20 and Rocky, but Lavona did not answer him directly. She said she just wanted to protect Mobius, emphasize the “unusual friendship” they shared, and then continue their important work at TVA. Mobius has the experience of lying to Rockies and seems to have caught Lavona. He switched the thermometer and then made an excuse to run away.

Using Ravonna’s TemPad, Mobius discovered what C-20 said during her interrogation-the same as what Loki said in person, everyone in TVA has a previous life. Believing that TVA was lying to him, Mobius entered the time cell to cooperate with Loki, but when they came out, they met Lavona (and a group of hunters) and they found that Mobius had replaced the TemPad. She ordered Mobius to be trimmed-oh my goodness-Loki was taken away. Ravonna also surrounded the drenched Sylvie, and then took them to see Time Keepers. In the elevator, Sylvie asked Lavona what was the relationship incident in her childhood. Lavorna said she didn’t remember, it must be painful. Imagine losing your life because of something that TVA can’t even recall.

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This is the first time in the history of the series, Rocky Episode 4 finally let us see three space lizards-sorry, guardian of time. Before the pruning, the Guardian of Time wanted to know what Loki and Sylvie said to themselves. Loki was tired of being killed over and over again, so he just wanted them to end it all. “Do your best,” he added. On the other hand, Sylvie said they were scared. “You disappointed the universe,” one of the time guardians retorted. Just then, B-15 came in from the elevator and threw a sword at Sylvie. Before Loki and Sylvie won, many battles started while the Time Keepers were just watching. Sylvie then beheaded a guardian of time, which turned out to be “unconscious robots.”

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Loki Episode 4 Time Guardian Loki Episode 4

Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie and Loki, the guardian of time in episode 4
Image source: Disney/Marvel Studios

Sylvie was disappointed that she had come to this worthless moment in her life. Loki realized what Mobius had told him earlier about how their mutual connection led to the related incident on Lamentis-1, and tried to acknowledge his love for Sylvie. But just before he finished speaking, he was trimmed by Ravonna. Sylvie immediately turned the light stick to Lavona, who was happy to die for this cause, but she had another idea. “No, you will tell me everything,” Sylvie added Rocky Episode 4 cut to credits.

But this is not technically the end Rocky Episode 4. After Deeper Credits Rocky The title card dropped, and we cut to Loki somewhere lying on the ground. Loki naturally wants to know if he is dead and in hell, but then an older Loki (Richard Grant) tells him-he is standing with a child Loki (Jack Weir) Next to a black man, Rocky (played by Deobia Opare)-he will, unless he comes with them.

Rocky Episode 4 is now playing on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar. New episodes are released every Wednesday around 12:30 PM (IST/12 AM Pacific Time).

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