Lionsgate Play can now be used independently.The most famous Hollywood studio John Wick Nearly 15 months after entering India with Lionsgate Play for the first time in cooperation with telecom operators, The Hunger Games has quietly launched its own application: firstly with Vodafone, Airtel and Jio. The cost of Lionsgate Play is Rs. 99 rupees per month. After the 14-day free trial, 699 per year. The Lionsgate Play application can be broadcast live on Google Play and App Store, and the streaming service can also be used on

Lionsgate Play was launched with zero publicity because it is more of a beta technology test. Lionsgate Play is expected to be officially released in the first week of December. The company’s Indian company told Advertisement Shout that it will add more exclusive products by then, including the Indian premiere of the British comedy series “Goes Wrong Show” produced by Mischief . Henry Lewis, Jonathan Thayer and Henry Shields of the theater were originally broadcast on BBC One in the United Kingdom from December to January last year.

In terms of content, Lionsgate Play currently offers dozens of Hollywood movies and TV shows, in addition to the original English, some of them also provide multiple Indian languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi , Kannada and Bhopuri. Not all titles are available in all languages, and many titles are only available in English. The scale of this series of products is very small, although given that the service has not been officially launched, it cannot be used as a metric for the products provided. The FAQ section says that certain shows will be “aired at the same time as the United States.”

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When most content is in full HD format, some of the content will be provided in 4K format. However, there is no mention of Dolby Vision or Dolby Atmos. But considering that the service currently refuses to deactivate our subscription, Lionsgate Play is clearly in technical testing. Even after several attempts, the Lionsgate Play website will tell us that our plan will be updated automatically after the two-week trial period ends. That’s not a good thing.

Oh, the size of my watermark
Photo Credit: Lionsgate

Another problem (which is unlikely to disappear) is the giant Lionsgate Play watermark splashing on the content in the upper right corner. This is also a major annoyance on Lionsgate Play, Vi Movies and TV and JioTV+ on Airtel XStream, and Lionsgate seems to have no intention of getting rid of the logo, even if it now has its own platform. This is very distracting due to its huge size and the fact that it is not transparent.

Lionsgate also operates a platform called Starzplay, which is available in 17 countries/regions in the Middle East and North Africa and Pakistan. In the United States, Starzplay merged with in 2016. Even if your Lionsgate Play support ticket request will be sent to StarzPlay, these subscriptions are separate.

The Lionsgate Play app is now available on Android, iPhone, iPad, Android TV, Apple TV and the web.