Zack Snyder’s new zombie heist thriller-Legion of the Undead-released on Netflix on May 21-fails to provide every aspect of the description except that the description is undoubtedly a Snyder movie .The Legion of the Dead ran for about 138 minutes without deduction (which is a lot), and Snyder once again showed that he could not shrink the movie to a certain size in just four hours Justice League March. The Legion of the Dead received 18+ ratings for their large amounts of blood, blood, and human remains-Snyder fell in love with the hard-R score-but all was free, and the movie was empty outside. Although the posters are full of neon lights, the Legion of the Dead is dull, boring and uninteresting. This is Snyder’s trademark, but it is still disappointing that he has no interest in changing the sound or visual style.

But Snyder has been making money to make movies. The dead army is hardly made. Originally founded in 2007 at Warner Bros., Snyder’s long-term residence, Warner Bros.-everything he has done since the epic action movie 300 in 2006 has been overly styled-Army of the Dead is in the hell of development because The studio has inherited this idea, which is largely like Snyder’s DC Universe project. Netflix, which has been eager to get popular names and new worlds, packaged it in early 2019. A series has already begun, the prequel film “League of Thieves” directed and led by Matthias Schweighöfer and the pre-transmission painting series “The Legion of the Dead: Lost Las Vegas”, which will also be watched Go to Snyder to direct some episodes.

Of course, the dead army also left room for a sequel. But will anyone appeal? There is no connection between any characters in the movie, most of which are just two lines of description, which makes them have very little connection with the audience. More importantly, the core of the film is the father-daughter relationship, without any real emotional influence.Snyder lost his daughter a few years ago, so it was very personal to him-the Legion of the Dead actually marked his return to the film industry after leaving the cinema Justice League Because of the family tragedy-but he was unable to turn this pain and loss into something real and profound. The conspiracy of the Undead Army is nothing special, it is mainly set as a video game mission in the post-apocalyptic western wasteland.

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Watch the undead trailer army in Hindi

After determining the origin of the now quarantined zombie-infested Las Vegas, the Army of the Dead launched its ensemble actors, most of whom have connections with the military. The main character is Scott Ward (Dave Bautista), who once rescued the US Secretary of Defense from the zombies in Vegas, but is now throwing burgers. He has an estranged daughter in Kate Ward (Ella Purnell), who works as a volunteer in a refugee facility outside of Vegas. Among the refugees are two single mothers of Huma Qureshi who need money to live a new life for her family. Then there is Maria Cruz (Ana de la Reguera), a mechanic who has a soft spot for Widower Scott. They have a best friend in Van der Rohe (Omari Hardwick) and they work in a nursing home.

Scott (Scott), Maria (Maria) and Van der Rohe (Vanderohe) at the (former) Las Vegas casino billionaire owner By Tanaka (Hiroyuki Sanada) to Si After Kurt made the offer, they reunited: if they reach the basement of his casino and steal $200 million of it, they will keep $50 million. Scott hired safety biscuits at Ludwig Dieter (Schweighöfer), helicopter pilots at Marianne Peters (Tig Notaro), and Keen at Mikey Guzman (Raul Castillo). The influence of social media has further expanded the size of the team. Tanaka guards his safety chief and right-hand man, Garret Dillahunt, watching them closely. The team takes on a further responsibilities in Lilly “The Coyote” (Nora Arnezeder), who knows their way into Las Vegas. This operation has a lot of movable parts, and you know it will not go well.

It was the coyote who introduced Scott and the crew to Las Vegas, which has changed a lot. She explained that there are now two types of zombies. There are some standard troublemakers who can’t do anything, and there are some Alpha Zombies who are capable of taking orders. Therefore, there is an Alpha Queen (Athena Perample) and an Alpha King named Zeus (Richard Cetrone). But Snyder is difficult to do. The Legion of the Dead also has hibernating zombies, as long as you click on them or shine a light on their face, they will wake up. Most importantly, we have zombie animals. A zombie tiger named Valentine has appeared many times, including in scenes specifically aimed at it in nature. There is also a zombie horse on the Legion of the Dead, although it has been largely ignored.

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Richard Cetrone as Zeus, Omari Hardwick as Vanderohe
Image Credit: Clay Enos / Netflix

However, for all the zombie-type innovations, it is frustrating how important they are. When we first met Alpha Zombies, the dead army hinted at a sense of community-even the idea of ​​offspring. But these elements are not part of some of the major comments that Snyder is trying to make. All these just exist, so that mankind has to face a group of dead at the end. The depth of the messaging here is on par with Donald Trump’s jab. Although he never showed up, in light of the statements we heard and the controversy with former press secretary Sean Spicer, he is still the president of the United States on the timetable.

Regarding the capitalist nature of our world, the Legion of the Dead is closest to any meaningful comment. The aforementioned $50 million reward is not evenly distributed among the team. Scott, Maria and Vanderohe plan to keep 15 million dollars each, but the rest of them don’t know. Promise to provide 2 million to pilots, influential people get 500,000, and safety cookies (the most important cookie on the surface, as the character even mentioned) only get 250,000. Everyone still proves internally that the risk is worth what they might get, which is strange. This is suitable for larger Las Vegas pictures. Sin City has always been about money (in turn, gambling is gambling with your life), and Snyder knows this.

Of course, the whole troubled project is essentially some kind of shameless Rogue One, but the principals believe that in the early days of the zombification of Las Vegas, they owed some money for their bravery. Nevertheless, it is still strange how the debt of the mission has increased. Even more strange is the turning point of the movie. First, the coyotes said that if they want to pass safely, they must abide by the rules and regulations of Alpha Zombies. This involves staying indoors, which seems bad, cannot control the CGI budget, and forces the character into a closed space full of zombies. Later, the coyotes themselves pretended to play with Alpha Zombies, so that they deliberately angered them by leaving dead Alpha on the street.

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The Legion of Death, Sardar Ka Grandson and others will be broadcast on Netflix in May

Army of Death Review Kate Ward Army of Death Review

Ella Purnell as Kate Ward
Image Credit: Clay Enos / Netflix

These ridiculous plot developments are ubiquitous in Legion of the Dead, which leads to this often unreasonable movie. Take the fact that even those with few guns can blow up their heads under high pressure. Snyder didn’t seem to care about the ensemble of Bautista and Purnell, as the useless arcs of the others proved it. Even Purnell became the white savior, and Qureshi was in trouble. The others are just zombie feed, and Snyder only uses them for shock value. If the “legion of the dead” laughed at this type, it would have worked, but Snyder was never good at humor. The most interesting aspect of the Legion of the Dead is that all the scenes of Notaro are her own appearance, because of the sexual misconduct of the original actor Chris de Elijah, Snyder had to insert her later In production.

In 2004, Snyder completed his feature film directorial debut by remaking the zombie legend George A. Romero’s “Dawn of Dead” (Dawn of Dead), but now its zombie speed is faster. With “Legion of the Dead”, Snyder has returned to the style he had when he started. However, there is no indication here that Snyder has grown into a film producer in the past 17 years. Appropriately, for someone who started working on commercials and music videos, the best part of the movie is the opening line of the music montage, which I don’t want to spoil. Everything else is too Snyder.When “The Army of the Dead” was announced in early 2019, he said: “This keeps me out of handcuffs at all. No one makes me relax completely. [like this]. “

between Justice League, Where Snyder is restrained and “Dead Army” on Netflix, we now have two extremes. Obviously, none of them will produce good results. Maybe it’s not a bad thing to have a certain degree of handcuffs next time.

“Dead Army” will be available on Netflix on Netflix at 12:30 pm IST on Friday. In India, English and Hindi can be used.