Wallex Trust & Custody is a financial technology company headquartered in the United States and Europe. It is committed to providing trust and custody services to cross-border customers in Europe, Asia and Africa. The company has announced that it has received the bank encryption and custodial services issued by the International Bank of Comoros. Insurance license. Banking Authority (CIBA). This official banking charter recognition allows Wallex to operate and provide asset and digital asset banking and insurance services, especially in the Comoros Union, especially on a global scale.

CIBA authorized Wallex Bank

CIBA is officially called Wallex Bank, authorizing Wallex Bank to provide banking and insurance services to non-residents of the Union of Comoros, and has all the commitments stipulated in the regulations. It regulates the distribution of company services, including issuing its own deposit products, providing loans and capital borrowing, conducting currency and foreign exchange transactions, and holding assets and other financial instruments for third parties.

Wallex Bank is proud of its latest acquisition of a wide range of banking services, which involve depository transactions, guarantee business, multi-currency account management, asset management, financial engineering, and even investment consulting services.

“We are very proud of our achievements and Wallex Bank will show our next step.” Simone Mazzuca (founder and director)

Africa is about to steal the limelight

As the African continent is about to become the cusp of cryptocurrency adoption and ancillary services needed to process and simplify procedures, the timing of bank concessions cannot be more appropriate. The exciting thing about Wallex Bank’s existence is that uninterrupted cryptocurrency transactions have opened the door. Qualified customers will find a reliable cryptocurrency exchange operator in Wallex Bank, which can ensure the opening of crypto accounts, store cryptocurrencies, accept the issuance of security tokens and cryptocurrency crypto deposits, and ensure the flow of all crypto deposit matters Sex and insurance.

Of course, Wallex Bank has structured operations in its guidance plan to ensure an optimized user experience. While keeping the world in mind, Wallex is based on consolidating the foundation of serving the people, laying a foundation for expansion and development.

As the scattered economic turmoil on the African continent continues to aggravate regional inflation, thereby further devaluing sovereign currencies, people have begun to switch to cryptocurrencies to stop the adverse effects of certain fiscal policies. With the arrival of Wallex Bank in Africa and the new introduction of the Wallex Bank banking charter by CIBA’s decision to grant Wallex Bank, this is a turning point in the digitization of the country and the global industry through cryptocurrency and finally progress.

It is not surprising that Wallex has taken further steps in the financial field and displayed a new giant in the financial industry in the new digital age. Simone Mazzuca’s visionary leadership will power the country’s competitiveness on the African financial stage and provide revolutionary services on the global stage.

“I believe that our newly drawn banking service will arbitrate the value transfer between fiat currency and cryptocurrency, so as to be on the way to global exposure and use, and create a better future for everyone. ” Simone Mazzuca

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