The Modern African Art Museum and Museum of Lifestyle (MOOMA), which promotes African art, recently launched a 30-day non-fungible symbol (NFT) modern African art exhibition. The exhibition will be MOOMA’s first NFT showcase and will showcase Goran Pin or Portraitist’s works. Pin is a Croatian and an artist, “promoting the development of encrypted art media on multiple levels.”

According to the statement on the MOOMA website, the main focus of this exhibition will be Portratist’s “Kings and Queens Collection”.

Portrait painter – Goran Pin – NFT artist. Portrait painters are displaying irreplaceable symbolic art collections known as the “Kings and Queens Collection”.

It also contains “the first ever portrait of an African king cast on the blockchain.” The sentence added:

This is the first NFT collection of all royals in the world, and 30 of the 32 portraits from the Kings and Queens collection are the first portraits of these characters cast on the blockchain at the same time.

As revealed in the statement, there will be portraits of two members of the African royal family in the Potraitist collection, King Lacey III and Mswati III.

At the same time, the statement also praised Mr. Pin for choosing to help link “traditional art with encrypted art”. Although his works are “extremely collectible,” MOOMA pointed out that the artist still chose to “suspend the auction sale of his entire “Kings and Queens” collection for the time being.”

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Picture Credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons

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