Flipkart’s Shopsy, an app focused on promoting local entrepreneurship during the COVID-19 pandemic, is now available. The e-commerce website stated that the new platform will provide opportunities for up-and-coming Indian entrepreneurs to start their own online businesses without upfront investment. Wal-Mart’s Flipkart said the platform will allow these entrepreneurs to use the company’s catalog, established delivery network and infrastructure to improve reliability and speed. The company claims that its goal is to make more than 25 million online entrepreneurs possible by 2023.

According to Flipkart, a person must use their phone number to register on the Shopsy app. The application will then enable entrepreneurs to access 150 million products in multiple categories on the e-commerce platform. These entrepreneurs will then be able to share carefully selected products with potential customers through applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook. Entrepreneurs can then place orders on behalf of their contacts and earn commissions from transactions. Flipkart stated that the commission percentage will vary based on the category of the product ordered.

Prakash Sikaria, senior vice president of growth and monetization at Flipkart, said that the launch is part of the company’s goal of contributing to the creation of direct and indirect jobs across the country. It also aims to introduce new online shoppers to the platform by providing options to interact with trusted people. This essentially means that those who do not transact online due to trust issues will be able to order from e-commerce platforms.

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In addition, Flipkart is also promoting Shopsy to help entrepreneurs who are struggling to make money during the COVID-19 pandemic. People can download the Shopsy application from the Google Play store. There is no news about the iOS availability of the app.

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