The search for the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, continues to this day, as new data-driven research has recently been deployed to clarify where the creator is working on the Internet. The researcher analyzed Satoshi’s 539 Bitcointalk posts, 34 emails, 169 submission codes, metadata of all versions of Bitcoin he used, genesis block data, and Wayback Machine archive data.

The report recommends that Satoshi Nakamoto lived in London when he created Bitcoin

Until today, the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency network, is still unknown in the world. Just recently, a research from “Chain News” published an editorial, trying to explore Satoshi Nakamoto in the process of creating the world’s first blockchain.

On November 23, 2020, author Doncho Karaivanov explained to researchers “Satoshi’s Bitcointalk posts, Sourceforge submissions and emails and other available data”. According to the research, the data points to “the most likely anonymous inventor of Bitcoin as London”.

Karaivanov said the research is data-driven and relies on timestamps, which cover approximately “742 active instances over 206 days (discontinuous).” The time-stamped document started on Halloween on October 31, 2008, and the statistical information ended on December 13, 2010. This is the last time the community learned from Satoshi Nakamoto. Researchers compiled scatter plots based on suspicious time zones to understand when the mysterious inventor of Bitcoin woke up and was active.

Karaivanov’s research details said: “Common suspicious locations are the United Kingdom (GMT), the US East (EST), the US Pacific (PST), Japan (JST) and Australia (AEST).” “The latter two are easily debunked, but the first three prospects need further study.”

Latest research shows that Satoshi Nakamoto lived in London to create Bitcoin
“According to the scatter plot of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcointalk activity, from the first post on November 22, 2009 to the last post on December 12, 2010, based on [the] Karavanov pointed out: “The European/London time zone is the day of the week and the time of day.”

During Satoshi’s online activities, the researchers also noticed that Nakamoto posted a total of 539 times on the website forum Karaivanov’s report emphasized: “From these data alone, there is no doubt that we cannot determine in which time zone Satoshi lives.”

On Sourceforge, a code repository portal that once stored Bitcoin code, Satoshi deployed 169 commits during this time. The researchers again used a scatter plot based on a specific time zone to analyze Satoshi’s submission activity, which has a UTC proof timestamp.

Similarly, the submission chart is the same as the Bitcointalk posting. Karaivanov pointed out that no smoking guns were left in any possible area. Then, the researchers graphed Satoshi Nakamoto’s large number of email activities, and this alone did not leave any conclusive evidence. However, by merging all the data from Bitcointalk posts, submissions and emails, the data began to infer that Satoshi’s home was not in Japan or Australia.

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Bitcoin’s Genesis Block: “The Prime Minister is on the verge of the second round of bank bailout”

The first message of the founding block published in the Times of London on January 3, 2009 is the biggest clue to Satoshi, who originated in London.

Latest research shows that Satoshi Nakamoto lived in London to create Bitcoin
The biggest clue of Doncho Karaivanov, a writer for Chain News, comes from the message left by Satoshi Nakamoto in the Genesis block created on January 3, 2009. The information originated from the headlines of the “London Times” and has not appeared anywhere except the United Kingdom.

According to the researchers, they inferred that if the inventor was located in the United States, it would be impossible for Nakamoto to see the headlines of The London Times. Karavanov wrote: “The exact issue of The Times was not published in the United States.”

Karaivanov said that formatting the American version of the front page in the same way is “extremely impossible” because it is completely different from the headline of the British “London Times”. Moreover, the newspaper does have an online version of this story, but the headline is completely different. The specific online article said: “Prime Minister Alistair Darling is on the verge of a second bailout of banks.

Latest research shows that Satoshi Nakamoto lived in London to create Bitcoin
The picture of the original blocking message shows: “The Times will be on the brink of the second bank rescue on January 3, 2009.”

The author insists that the cause block data suggests that the scale is “very conducive to the GMT time zone”. “This does not mention all the clues that Satoshi Nakamoto is an Englishman, such as his ending spelling with -ise instead of -ize and -our instead of -or, such as analysis, organization, neighbors, color, etc.,” Karaivanov’s Research summary. “Then he used the word blood. More specifically, we not only think that he is British, but he also lived in London while working on Bitcoin.”

Karavanov also admitted that it is impossible to “absolutely determine” that London is the exact location. “However, we can safely say that he is located in London,” the researcher added.

Satoshi time zone study in 2011 and 2018

Compared with Satoshi Nakamoto’s known online activities, Karavanov’s research is not the first time to find clues about Satoshi Nakamoto by studying a specific time zone. In February 2018, another data-driven study named “Satoshi Nakamoto Time Zone” also tried to reveal the position of Satoshi Nakamoto in the process of creating Bitcoin.

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For example, the report highlights an early draft of the Bitcoin paper and the online metadata of the paper. In addition, they also looked at the metadata related to that Nakamoto also created. Combining the two timestamp values ​​indicates that the Satoshi computer used to complete these operations online is set to “Mountain Time Zone” in the United States.

Latest research shows that Satoshi Nakamoto lived in London to create Bitcoin
The February 2018 study is called “Satoshi Time Zone”.

But the 2018 paper on Satoshi’s time zone is more uncertain because there are multiple timestamps showing that Satoshi may be located in countless regions. For example, research in 2018 also showed that Satoshi Nakamoto’s promise indicated that his computer used the “British Daylight Saving Time” timestamp.

The “Satoshi Nakamoto Time Zone” review also focused on the analysis of Satoshi Nakamoto’s hourly activities in 2011. A specific study in 2011 concluded that Satoshi Nakamoto must live in the EST time zone of the United States. The 2018 investigation hinted at circumstantial evidence that Satoshi Nakamoto is a “night owl” and regularly puts people online all night long. Most of the night in Nakamoto Town took place in “Summer and February 2010”.

Latest research shows that Satoshi Nakamoto lived in London to create Bitcoin
The armchair detective “Looking for Satoshi Nakamoto” pointed out that Satoshi Nakamoto has been running around all night and working hard to complete Bitcoin, just like a student competing for a final exam.

Satoshi’s All Nighters and Cramming to make Bitcoin complete

One of the most convincing findings of the 2018 study showed that after taking a short time from the Bitcoin project, Satoshi Nakamoto hurriedly completed the task. The results of the research show that during March, April and May 2010, Satoshi Nakamoto had little or no involvement in any Bitcoin-related activities. Then, all of a sudden, in the summer of 2010, the creators of Bitcoin conducted a lot of online activities.

“This is someone’s behavior. He found out at the end of February that he had to complete a difficult task, and then completed almost unlimited free time before the end of May, including free time to work late at night, until the next year 10. The armchair detective called “Looking for Satoshi Nakamoto” ended on February 13, 2018.

The latest research in 2020 shows that Satoshi lives in London, and the 2018 research does show evidence that the heavy burden is heavier for the location of the UK-based house. According to the research of Karavanov and his team, London undoubtedly has the highest probability.

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Karavanov’s inference concluded: “Patching together his writing style, his activities and the message of “Genesis” openly pointed out that the capital of England is the most likely candidate.”

At the same time, many cryptocurrency advocates discussed Karaivanov’s time zone research and questioned the reliability of his findings. For example, computer science professor Jorge Stolfi commented on the theory after the research was published on the Reddit forum r/btc.

Stolfie said that the “London” hypothesis meant that he was directly engaged in Bitcoin research from 17:00 to 03:00 without dinner. The “United States/Eastern” hypothesis means that he starts work at noon and eats dinner approximately after 22:00. The “American/Western” hypothesis means that he works all day from 08:00 to 20:00, and hardly works after dinner. “

Stolfi added:

Although all of this is possible, if there is any data, these data will confirm that he is in the United States, probably in the western United States at that time-agree with PDF metadata.

What do you think of the research that assumed Satoshi lived in London when he created Bitcoin? Let us know what you think about this mysterious subject in the comments section below.

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