A trade group representing large technology companies clashed with independent repair shop owners at a hearing held by the Nevada Legislative Council on Monday. The proposal requires hardware manufacturers to provide repair shops with equipment to repair computers, phones, tablets, and printers. method.

Should the government require companies to provide independent stores instead of authorized distributors to access the parts and schematics required for fixed equipment? This is one of the larger social disputes over how the society regulates the technology industry as their products become more and more popular. The more necessary. Daily life. It distills the antitrust policy debate into how and where consumers can repair damaged smartphones, and whether companies that change the way they communicate through production have the right to protect their intellectual property.

The so-called “rights to repair” bill was loosely introduced in a ballot initiative passed by Massachusetts last year. The bill was approved by voters last year to make auto parts and plans available to repair shops.

Nevada’s bill will apply to wholesale and duty-free consumer electronics for gambling equipment worth less than US$5,000 (approximately Rs 360,000). Legislators in Nebraska have established maintenance regulations for agricultural equipment and farmers, while California is considering requiring medical equipment manufacturers to provide information on how to repair equipment such as ventilators.

Selena Torres, a Las Vegas congresswoman who used to work in a battery shop for battery repairs, said that increasing the requirements of the state law will protect jobs in the electronics repair industry and enable people to work in Repair the equipment locally without having to ship the equipment to an out-of-state manufacturer. She said she is sponsoring the bill to provide consumers with more affordable repair options because the pandemic forces students and remote workers to rely on technology, which is especially urgent, she said.

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The Nevada “Connect Kids” working group stated that the Clark County School District distributed tens of thousands of Google Chromebooks to facilitate distance learning, but it took months to ensure that all students in the Las Vegas area have access to the Internet And use equipment.

“In the early days of the pandemic, a nationwide shortage of laptops made millions of students not prepared for virtual learning. As an educator, I saw firsthand how a family can share a device with several school-age children.” “Maintenance rights It will provide schools and other institutions with the information needed to maintain equipment and enhance the refurbished computer market, saving taxpayers money and improving digital access.”

TechNet is a trade organization lobbying Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Honeywell and other equipment manufacturers. The organization strongly opposes the maintenance bill of the state legislature.

The organization’s regional executive director Cameron Demetre (Cameron Demetre) said that manufacturers are concerned that “uncensored third parties” will access personal information stored in consumer electronics. He said the bill “may cause unintended consequences, including serious adverse security, privacy and security risks.”

Repair companies want to know why repairing batteries or smartphone home buttons can compromise network security, and said that in the past few decades, manufacturers have become increasingly difficult to purchase the parts needed to repair their machines. They said that even if only inkjet printers or motherboards need to be repaired, these companies instruct customers to replace printers or computers.

“It has gone from being able to do anything you want to repair a computer or printer to’you can’t do anything right now.'” Everything has become one-time or irreparable. “Curtis Jones, head of Sparks Technology Center, said.

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Without the parts and schematics, Jones fears that his business will soon fail. His employees often joke about how they will pack new equipment in Amazon warehouses in a few years, instead of repairing equipment that can be repaired.

Jones believes that technology companies want to control the maintenance business, preferring customers to buy brand new equipment rather than repairing aging equipment. When the equipment can be repaired, he fears that unnecessary long-term environmental impacts will prompt people to buy new technology, which will bring: “We will overload the landfill, we will have to start living on old printers or computers, ” He said.

The lobbyist of the Consumer Electronics Association, Walter Alcorn, pointed out how equipment manufacturers operate in a highly competitive market and told lawmakers that they are concerned that unauthorized repair shops might damage their technology. The public’s opinion of its product.

He said: “One of the reasons why consumer electronics manufacturers are so sensitive is that their business models are based on brand reputation.” “These companies are still worried about protecting their brands, and these products still carry Your own name, especially if the repair will be done wrong, or if you include substandard parts, the customer experience will be different.”

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