Press release. Megaupload creator Kim Dotcom announced this month that he will use Bitcoin Cash for his latest innovation K.IM, a set of tools that allows everyone around the world to manage, protect, and sell digital content at an ultra-low fee. No intermediary is required.

Dotcom’s website Megaupload was once the 13th most popular website on the Internet and was responsible for 4% of all Internet traffic. He said that K.IM turned “digital files into file storage. Users can use our service to sell The file is packaged as an encrypted container file, which can then be placed anywhere on the Internet. Customers who want to access the contents of the encrypted container can use cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin Cash to pay.”

When asked why he is excited about K.IM, especially Bitcoin Cash, Dotcom said that although Bitcoin (BTC) is an excellent tool for asset storage, Bitcoin Cash is “very suitable for services like K.IM Payment” and provided new financial services. Opportunities for consumers, sellers and investors. Kim has the following statement about the cryptocurrency market:

“My view is that the use of cryptocurrencies is increasing and BCH is in a good position to accumulate market share. It’s simple for me: the more users you have, the greater the value you have.

“The winner of the cryptocurrency competition will be decided by the supplier and the user. Focus on the basic question: what do the supplier and the user want? Low fees, fast transactions, high security and ease of use.”

He went on to say that Bitcoin Cash is currently “undervalued” and that “the upside potential for those who miss the BTC train is huge”. Roger Ver, the founder of and friend of Dotcom, said that Dotcom “has been ahead of other markets and people should pay attention to his predictions.” He further said:

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“Nowadays, when you are interested in BTC, a large part of it is trying to chase its historical investment income. As long as the price continues to rise, there will be a lot of interest. But, it happens when people want to start actually using it to make payments What? They will discover the limitations of Bitcoin and look for an asset that can be invested and can be like Bitcoin is a real peer-to-peer payment system. That is Bitcoin Cash.

When talking about Bitcoin Cash, Ver further said:

It has all the excellent qualities that help BTC become a store of value, but it does not artificially limit the price. Entrepreneurs like Kim Dotcom can actually use it to build their own businesses without relying on a central party to provide the payment layer. It is no surprise that he is so optimistic about Bitcoin Cash. ”

Ver said that K.IM is one of the most exciting products he has seen in years, and has the potential to enable millions of people to use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash to handle the large amount created by Dotcom in the past. transaction.

K.IM is currently under development and will be updated soon. The platform is expected to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2021. To learn more, please visit the K.IM website now.

About K.IM

By providing advanced services and technologies to manage, protect and sell digital content, K.IM will completely change the way digital content is monetized and create a fair market for content creators and consumers.

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