NFL player Sean Culkin of the Kansas City Chiefs will convert all his salary to Bitcoin. Kulkin, who supports this cryptocurrency, said: “I believe we are in the early stages of Bitcoin’s transformation from extreme speculation to a legitimate asset class that is regarded as a store of value.”

NFL players want to pay 100% in Bitcoin

Sean Culkin, the near-end birth of the Kansas City Chiefs, said that he will get Bitcoin with his salary in 2021. According to reports, he is the first NFL player to convert all of his salary into cryptocurrency. Gao Jin tweeted on Monday:

I fully believe that Bitcoin is the future of the financial industry, and I want to prove that I have real skin in the game-not just trying to make money. I will convert the entire NFL salary in 2021 into Bitcoin.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Kansas City Chief will pay Kur’jin’s salary in U.S. dollars, which will be automatically converted to Bitcoin through Strike every week through Zap, and pointed out that his basic salary is $920,000.

Gao Jin has always been a supporter of Bitcoin. He posted a tweet on March 18: “My salary is the lowest in the league. However, if I want to buy Bitcoin or higher-quality Bitcoin, I will pay in BTC. I am one of the highest paid players. Little understood.”

The news media quoted the KC chief’s austerity ending as saying: “Considering my career, especially my physical needs and simplicity, I think it makes the most sense to pay a salary with reasonable money, because I believe it will go on over time. Protect its purchasing power.” He added:

From a macro perspective, I think we are in the transitional phase of Bitcoin’s transformation from extreme speculation to a legitimate asset class that is regarded as a store of value.

Culkin also set his sights on his Twitter profile. Memes have the potential meaning that anyone is watching the price of Bitcoin rise to $100,000. Politicians, celebrities and investors all participated and set their sights on their profile images.

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After the Carolina Panthers offensive linesman Russell Ocon announced that he had taken half of BTC’s $13 million salary, more and more professional sports players asked for payment in Bitcoin. Since May 2019, he has been asking for payment in Bitcoin. In order to get his Bitcoin salary, Okung also used Strike. Earlier this month, the NBA Sacramento Kings stated that it would provide players with the option of paying in Bitcoin.

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