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Justice League Snyderche Review: Ambitious, strange and indulgent

The Justice League Snyder Cut needs-let’s face it-clear a very, very low threshold.Original Justice League The film was released in cinemas at the end of 2017. For various reasons, it was a disaster. Because Warner Bros. directors are like Zack Snyder’s pre-epic and its immediate predecessor, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), he has received fanaticism Fans of fans welcome, Warner Bros. (Warner Bros.) indulges in DC movies like eagles.And due to the requirements of the studio (WB thinks Justice League Less than two hours) and the death of his family, Snyder lost the will to fight and chose to go into production. The Avengers writer director Joss Whedon was brought in to rewrite, then took over the film and spearheaded an extensive and expensive re-shooting-with a final budget of US$300 million (approximately Rs 2,182 crore), which Will make it consistent with the studio. Wish.

But Wheaton did not deliver. Justice League It’s a mess in tone, structure and narrative-in fact in every key aspect you can think of. Warner Bros. itself is responsible for this fiasco. It’s impossible for any filmmaker to squeeze all of this in—introducing three new superheroes and expanding the superheroes we know, following a doomsday plot involving an ugly-looking villain, and Inject humor into a dirty story and complete the survival of demigods and immortals in 120 minutes. Justice LeagueBasically trying to do iron Man, The incredible Hulk, Thor, “Captain America: The First Avenger” and “The Avengers” are both in one movie. It sounds impossible on paper, and it is stupid, it is indeed true.No wonder Justice League Seriously and commercially failed.

After more than three years of development, now with #ReleaseTheSnyderCut fanatical fan activities and a little-known HBO Max streaming service, which is eager to attract people’s attention, Snyder was able to show his original vision for the DC epic. As a result, Zack Snyder’s Justice League (official name) lasted nearly four hours (to be precise, 3 hours and 53 minutes, excluding points). Exaggeration may be an understatement. Too long, some characters were not introduced until after the first hour, and other characters did not appear until we passed the two-hour mark. For such a long time, the film’s ending took half an hour, and it was characterized by multiple “endings”, which seemed to imply that Snyder put everything he had on the wall. Justice League Snyder Cut (Justice League Snyder Cut) is absolutely indulgent. But Snyder knew he now had full creative freedom, so he did everything he wanted without restraint.

Everything you need to know about Justice League Snyder Cut

That’s why Snyder doesn’t care about parts that are completely unnecessary now. The Justice League Snyder Cut introduced us to Arthur Curry/Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and Atlantis as if we had never known them before.Snyder was like that when it was first made Justice League, But since then we get Neptune the film. There is only one action sequence to demonstrate the abilities of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). Justice League Snyder Cut (Snyder Cut) asks you to put yourself in the frame of your mind four years ago. Some parts of it will only work if you can put aside everything that will happen in the DC expansion universe from now on. For everyone else, a lot of extra space could have been eliminated. The problem is that these scenes will not add new content to the characters we already know and like. Instead, they are rereading the areas we have already introduced.

In other words, the four-hour running time of the Justice League Snyder Cut has brought the greatest benefit to Victor Stone/Cyborg (Ray Fisher).Those who rely on mechanical devices to sustain their lives are Justice League Must be introduced-but unfortunately, his birth story and family relationship have been pressed to a critical point. Here, we can correctly understand his troubles with his father Silas Stone (Jolas Morton) and the psychological pain of returning to a robot after his near death. About the expanded introduction of Barry Allen / The Flash (Ezra Miller), its function is much better than the above “Wonder Woman” scene, because we haven’t got his personal movie yet- flash The film is currently scheduled to be released in November 2022.This also brought back his interest in future love, Iris West (Kilsey Clemmons) once learned from Justice League Due to runtime restrictions.

And because it runs for four hours, the Justice League Snyder Cut can withstand these hours. The slow pace has been manifested from the beginning-the movie itself is not slow, because it has a lot to show and tell-and it can help solve problems quickly. The scene feels alive, and organically blended together, there will be no pit stops in the race to the finish line. The extra time allows us to learn more about the adversary and chief villain Steppenwolf (speaked by Ciarán Hinds) and why he madly collects three almighty MacGuffins (called Mother Boxes), which will give him complete control of all life on earth . Steppenwolf’s CGI version design has been greatly improved-his armor is composed of curved steel colored prongs, accentuating the purple tone. The armor also makes him look like he has a double-sided tail, which I found interesting.

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Ciarán Hinds as Steppenwolf in Jack Snyder’s Justice League
Image source: HBO Max/Warner Bros.

But Justice League Snyder Cut (Justice League Snyder Cut) also lost some interesting Justice League, Whedon wrote in a scene about how “Wonder Woman” has more or less evaded responsibility over the past century. She told Bruce Wayne/Batman (Ben Affleck) that she did not want to be a leader because she was worried about being killed, which gave us insight into the character’s thinking. But this does not exist on the Judicial League Snyder Cut, because Snyder (based on the original script of Chris Terrio (Argo)) has always insisted that he will not use any material from Whedon. (Despite keeping Amazon in a short skirt, Snyder did not pay enough attention to his failure.) “Superwoman” is an active participant in the Snyder Cut plot of the Justice League, but She has no journey of her own-just a series of majestic stunts. This is a wasted opportunity because it is a chapter in her life, following two independent films (including the most recent “Wonder Woman” (Wonder Woman 1984)).

Speaking of action, Jack Snyder Cut of the Justice League is the most exciting in a 40-minute chapter (Part 6, “The Darker Things”). The movie is divided into six chapters with a title card. Justice League The whole process was so rushed that it lost the confusion of the CGI version when it also rushed to a conclusion. But here, because the time is not short, even the last big battle will take time. Yes, it takes a long time to reach us-almost three hours, which is a lot of time-but it is absolutely enjoyable. It provides each hero with its own showcase. Snyder showed his performance in shaping action scenes. Even if it is technically limited to an aspect ratio close to a square, it will not feel epic. Yes, this means that there will be black bars on the side, which is why you can’t watch it on your phone or laptop.

However, the remaining actions of the Justice League Snyder Cut failed to meet this standard. The sequence lacks suspense or insidiousness. They involve too much super slow motion. Snyder also used too many visual effects (VFX)-he didn’t even want to shoot outdoor scenes as simple as Amazon riding a horse on the grassland. Multiple scenes are only used to convey instructions. There is an extended flashback sequence in Justice League Snyder Cut, which is larger than “Avengers: Endgame.” But forgetting a moment or full of emotional shock, its sole purpose is to explain. “Supergirl” explains the role of the lasso, which is unnecessary in itself, and since we have seen her use the lasso in two full movies, so more. For Justice League Snyder Carter, fairs are a long-standing problem, and from villains talking to audiences to sequels to giant behemoths, this may never happen.

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Justice League Snyder Cut Review Superman Justice League Snyder Cut Comment Superman

Henry Cavill as Zack Snyder (Justice League) Superman
Image source: HBO Max/Warner Bros.

After all, there is a lot of plot here-narratively speaking, Justice League Snyder Cut (Justice League Snyder Cut) may get stuck and feel overly nervous.Structurally, it is still related to Justice League, Which means it can hit most of the same big rhythms, and there is nothing special about it. So sometimes, watching Snyder Carter of the Justice League is like watching a longer version of a movie that has already been watched. Since it is divided into 6 chapters, it is now easier to manage and easier to follow, which is a bit like a plot in nature. There are catch-up plots, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg plots, Clark Kent resurrection plots and large battle plots.This is the core of the problem Justice League, Whether it is original or Snyder Cut. It packs far beyond what it should be. The Justice League Snyder Cut is an ambitious movie monster designed for a specific audience.

This is also the greatest proof of Snyder’s dedication. Snyder loves DC superheroes-he has always regarded them as these powerful myths, telling the story of god-like creatures cursed by the great powers and aspiring to become humans. This is why humorous tendencies are so rare, just like Snyder Cut (Snyder Cut) of the Justice League.When Warner Bros. (Warner Bros.) tried to compete fiercely with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was Snyder who envisioned that the early days of the DCEU would include Justice League Trilogy. It was Snyder who chose Gadot to become “Wonder Woman” and thought that Momoah might be the Sea King. But as far as we know, Snyder is not a great architect. The Justice League Snyder Cut exists to some extent because of Netflix. HBO Max needs subscribers, and its parent company WarnerMedia has locked in a symbol of populism, hoping to generate some integrity.

But this is extremely unlikely to lead to more Justice League As Snyder himself admitted, the movie called it “very hypothetical” and “something you never see.”Since it failed Justice LeagueWarner Bros. gave up hopes and dreams of the cohesive DC movie world.Now let the filmmakers tell a personalized story led by Joaquin Phoenix clown, And tied with Robert Pattinson in the upcoming “Batman”. In some ways, especially creatively, this is beneficial. But Marvel’s financial success has not yet DC. If there is no Warner Bros. company, instead of king snot for the first time, no unreasonable request for the first time, but pairing Snyder with a long-term visionary, then Zach Snyder’s Justice League may It will not end a big one-time experiment, but will contribute to Zach Snyder’s DCEU.

The Justice League Snyder Cut will be listed globally on March 18. It can be used on HBO services and video-on-demand platforms. More details here.

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