The latest in-depth report of the Justice League by Zach Snyder reveals that a superhero in the finale of the Justice League Snyder Cut (Snyder Cut) will “shock the hardcore The minds of fans”. It is not clear who this may be, as some surprises have already appeared, including Jared Leto as the Joker and Harry Lennix as Martin Manhunt (Martin) Manhunter). Ryan Reynolds, the infamous Green Lantern (Green Lantern), has ruled out himself on Twitter. Of course, considering that the Justice League Snyder Cut does not need to be linked to the existing DC movie world, it may be a brand new character, or it may be a new version of an old character played by a rising star.

“Vanity Fair” brings the surprise of the Snyder Cut hero relief of the Justice League, which is deeply hidden in the scene behind the scenes to understand the development of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. The report states that Snyder does not have to worry about “the official timeline of DC characters”-this leads people to believe that the Justice League Snyder Kurt hero cameo is someone we have never seen before, and that the director can “make this Alternative versions of the Justice League story rang wherever he likes.” After all, Snyder has done something non-classical with Leto’s Joker and Superman’s black suit.

Snyder revealed that he was not paid by Snyder Cut of the Justice League (Syder League) because he wanted creative control, and he was in the original version of Justice League It was released in cinemas in 2017. Snyder added: “I don’t want to be fascinated by anyone. [forgoing a fee] Allows me to maintain my ability to negotiate with these people. Snyder made a lot of money to complete his long version Justice League However: 70 million US dollars (about 5.06 billion rupees). This is the basis of the US$300 million (approximately 21.7 billion rupees) that Snyder had when he completed all filming four years ago. The new funds are mainly used for post-production, and reshoots are very limited.

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The director said that Warner Bros. and HBO Max were initially unwilling to spend such a long time completing the Justice League Snyder Cut (Justice League Snyder Cut), and would be happy to release Snyder to put the movie back in the notebook. Original footage shot on a computer. 2017: “I thought,’This is not, this is a difficult rejection.’ […] That’s why. First, you can get rid of the Internet, which may be the main reason you want to do this. Second, I think it is correct to do things right to some extent. Then there are three, you will see the dirty version of this movie, you can point to and say, “Look? It’s not so good anyway. So maybe I’m right. I’m like, no chance. I would rather let Snyder ( Snyder) will always be a unicorn in myth.”

Snyder also revealed that he had never read the original Justice League (Comment), thanks to his wife and production partner Deborah Snyder. After showing Jos Wheaton’s film in the theater of Warner Bros. Studios, Deborah and (executive producer) Christopher Nolan told Zack: “You will never see that movie.” Warner An executive from the brother company told Vanity Fair: “When we saw what Jos actually did, it was really silly. […] Everyone knows. It was too embarrassing, because no one wanted to admit what it was. “Of course, this can also be said to be the reason why Snyder initially laid off the Justice League for two hours. An executive thought this was “unobservable.”

The Justice League Snyder Cut (Snyder’s three-and-a-half-hour version) will be available globally on March 18. It will be used in HBO Max in the United States, HBO Go in parts of Asia and HBO services in Europe. There are no specific details on the Indian platform, but WarnerMedia, which owns HBO, said that “discussions are ongoing with local and global partners, and more details will be available soon.”

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