Despite the negative reviews, Jurassic World Reign has grossed an impressive $389.1 million (approximately Rs 3,043 crore) at the global box office to date. Of this, $143.3 million (approximately 11.21 billion rupees) came from the U.S. and Canadian markets, which premiered in theaters on June 10. The remaining $245.8 million (approximately Rs 19.22 crore) came from 57 new locations elsewhere and the remaining markets Mexico ($30.4 million, approximately Rs 2.37 crore), South Korea ($21.7 million, approximately Rs 1.69 crore) and Brazil ($8.40 crore) million dollars, about 650 million rupees), the Universal Pictures-backed action film hit theaters last weekend as part of its staggered launch.

The new Jurassic World film has raised $6.3 million (approximately Rs 492 crore) in China, the biggest for a Hollywood film since May 2021, although 20% remains due to COVID-19 restrictions Cinemas are closed. Jurassic World Dominion in UK ($15.4 million, around Rs 1.2 billion), France ($9.7 million, around Rs 750 million), Spain ($5.4 million, around Rs 420 million), Malaysia ($5.2 million, around Rs 400 million) ), Taiwan ($4.5 million, about Rs. 350 million) and the Netherlands ($3 million, about Rs. 230 million). The latest Jurassic film also did well in India – it was released in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu – with a gross of 445 million rupees (about $5.7 million) in its opening weekend .

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Jurassic World Reign isn’t the only film to grab attention this week, however, as Top Gun: Maverick still has gas in its tank. The Tom Cruise-led action film has grossed $747 million (approximately Rs 5,838 crore) so far. Of this, nearly $353 million (Rs 26.8 crore) came from the US and Canadian markets. The remaining $394 million (approximately 30.87 billion rupees) came from other markets. Outside the US and Canadian markets, its main contributors are the UK ($63 million, approximately Rs 4.92 crore), Japan ($33.9 million, approximately Rs 2.64 crore), France ($28 million, approximately Rs 2.18 crore), Brazil ($13 million, about Rs 1.05 billion) and Germany ($18 million, about Rs 1.4 billion).

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The sequel to Top Gun and Jurassic World Reign will likely remain strong in the to come.They’re unlikely – though possible – to face competition from Pixar’s animated sci-fi adventure films light years Because it mainly caters to children and families.

Jurassic World Dominion and Top Gun: Maverick are in theaters worldwide.

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