Jungle Cruise’s global box office (and domestic) premiere weekend box office reached 91.8 million U.S. dollars (approximately 68.3 billion rupees). More than one-third of this, 34.2 million US dollars (approximately 25.4 billion rupees) came from theaters in the United States and Canada. According to Disney, the starring actors of Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt earned US$30 million (approximately Rs. 2230 crore) from Disney+-the jungle cruise ship spent US$30 (approximately Rs. 2230) on Premier Access, which is Most of the premium video-on-demand market provided by Disney+. The remaining US$27.6 million (approximately Rs 20.5 billion) of total revenue comes from movie theaters in 47 markets around the world.

According to industry analysts, the figure of US$34.2 million is impressive, as Jungle Cruise is expected to generate US$25 million (approximately Rs 1.86 billion) in revenue by the end of the week. At the same time, this non-US figure of US$27.6 million is considered disappointing because Disney Movies is expected to receive US$40 million (approximately Rs 29.7 billion). But that’s because the situation is constantly changing due to COVID-19, mandatory vaccine requirements and increasing case restrictions may prevent potential audiences from entering theaters. Jungle Cruise’s production budget is estimated at 200 million US dollars (approximately 1,487 crore rupees).

Jungle Cruise Disney + Hotstar release date announced

Another major work to be released this weekend is “Suicide Squad”, which is a soft restart of the DC (anti) superhero movie directed by James Gunn, director of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Suicide Squad is estimated to bring in 7 million U.S. dollars (approximately 520 million rupees), which may seem trivial, but only because its early launch only included six regions: Belgium, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. Most of them (US$4.7 million) are from the United Kingdom. Among them, The Suicide Squad outperformed Jungle Cruise (US$3.2 million). This bodes well for DC Films, as it will expand to another 64 markets (and HBO Max) this week.

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Speaking of superheroes, Black widow Continue its theater operations as it added 6.4 million US dollars (approximately 470 million rupees) from theaters in the United States and Canada. Its gross box office is now 343.6 million U.S. dollars (approximately Rs 2,555 crore), of which 167.1 million U.S. dollars (approximately Rs 1,242 crore) from the above two regions, and the remaining USD 176.5 million (approximately Rs 1,312 crore) ) From other places around the world. This does not include more than 60 million U.S. dollars (approximately 44.6 billion rupees) Black widow Produced from Disney+ Premier Access-Disney has not updated this figure since the opening weekend.

Elsewhere, LeBron James’s “Slam Dunk in Space: A New Legacy” broke through the $200 million milestone this weekend-it’s in theaters and will be shown on HBO Max in the first month of its release. And F9, the ninth chapter of Fast Saga, seems to be slowing down. “Fast and Furious 9” is now as high as 627.1 million U.S. dollars (approximately 4,664 crore), which is a slight increase from last weekend’s box office total. F9 is now also available for video-on-demand in specific markets.