In 2019, a man with Fabio-like hair entered the cryptocurrency field with a suspicious statement, when he told many people that he helped co-found Bitcoin. The self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor Jörg Molt not only provided a “Satoshi Nakamoto School”, but also allegedly conducted some scams. Bild reported that the 48-year-old man was arrested by Bavarian police at Frankfurt Airport on suspicion of fraud.

Jörg Molt, who claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin, arrested in Frankfurt

Jörg Molt once claimed that he helped invent Bitcoin, and stated that he and Andreas Antonopoulos were good friends after making a crazy appearance at the 2019 WCC Blockchain Week in Las Vegas. Allegedly, Morte walked around at the Las Vegas conference, claiming to be the co-inventor of Bitcoin. After the story went viral on the Internet, Antonopoulos denied his statement and emphasized that he did not know Morte at all.

“Obviously, a German named’Jörg Molt’ has been showing selfies taken with me and telling people that we are friends-this is a lie,” Antonopoulos Tweet then. “I don’t even know him-I heard from other people that he claims to be the founder of Bitcoin and owns thousands of Bitcoins-a lie.”

Jörg Molt, who claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin, arrested on suspicion of crypto pension fraud
Jörg Molt is called DJ Sun Love in Germany.

The regional publication Bild reported that Mort was recently arrested while boarding a plane at Frankfurt Airport. Law enforcement officials believed that Mort was behind some scams, which also involved a 54-year-old woman who was allegedly his companion. The Bavarian police also searched Mort’s home and found evidence related to the investigation.

German “DJ Sun Love” launches Bitcoin pension fund, which will be closed in 2020

Molt was accused of defrauding 50 people for US$2.14 million, and the plan was called the “Bitcoin Pension” project. According to reports, Molt, who is also a well-known German DJ, told investors that the funds he received will go to BTC miners in Sweden. It is said that 40% of funds are kept in secure accounts, but in 2020, Bitcoin pensions ceased operations and investors called it a scam.

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Investigators claimed that the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto did not invest funds in the mining industry, and that he was charged for promising huge returns. As early as 2019, during the WCC Vegas Blockchain Week event, Molt told people that he holds more than 250,000 Bitcoins. However, despite Molt’s claims, his ex-wife shot a video on Youtube, claiming that Molt didn’t even have a computer when the Bitcoin network was launched in 2008.

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