Jon Stewart will return to television. The iPhone manufacturer announced on Tuesday in the US local time that the company’s former host has signed a multi-year agreement with Apple TV+ to host and execute a new current affairs series that has not yet been released. It will be based on Stewart’s handling of a single theme in a one-hour plot, which is taken from American conversations and his advocacy work. Apple will also release companion podcasts with it. Stewart’s new series has been ordered for multiple seasons and is reportedly expected to premiere sometime in 2021.

The Hollywood Reporter first mentioned the deal between Stewart and Apple TV+, and pointed out that the new current affairs series is part of the first-sighted deal between Stewart’s Busboy Productions and Apple. Stewart had previously signed the first deal with HBO. After that, Apple TV+ confirmed part of the announcement-orders for multiple seasons and the content of the series-shortly after. THR added that Stewart’s new current affairs series will not be released once a week, let alone once every night like the “Daily Show”. There is no word on how many episodes will be broadcast in each season.

Stewart (Stewart) won 20 Emmy Awards (including 10 outstanding variety series in a row) in the 16-year performance of “The Daily Show”. His reporter (Stephen Colbert (Stephen Colbert) ), John Oliver, Samantha Bee (Samantha Bee), Hasan Minhaj (Hasan Minhaj) continue to show themselves with successful political satire. Stewart (Stewart) left the “Daily Show” in 2015, and just like that, Donald Trump (Donald Trump) throughout his presidency has disappeared from the TV screen. In his absence, Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” has won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety Show Series for five consecutive years.

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So, without a doubt, look at what Stewart did in the second game. Since he left the “Daily Show”, Stewart has been away from television and devoted himself to propaganda work, including enlisting 9/11 first responders-Stewart helped pass the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund Act-and the U.S. Armed Forces injured demobilized soldiers through the organization Military personnel such as Warrior Games and joint service organizations.

In addition to Stewart, the executive producers of the new Apple TV+ series will also include Stewart’s long-term manager James Dixon (James Dixon) and former HBO CEO Richard Plepler (Richard Plepler) , Through his EDEN Productions. Plepler also signed an overall production agreement with Apple TV+. THR said that it is currently looking for show hosts for Stewart’s new current affairs series.