In January, JioFiber ranked first in the Netflix Speed ​​Index with an average speed of 3.6Mbps. The streaming platform shares the latest data from January 2021 and details of the countries/regions that provide the best experience. India is part of the second-tier list, with an average speed of 3.4Mbps in January 2021, followed by JioFiber followed by Tatasky Broadband, followed by Airtel, Atria Convergence Technology (ACT), Excitel Broadband, Hathway and Spectra with speeds It is 3.4Mbps.

Netflix shared a list of countries/regions that provide the best experience, and India Brazil, Canada, Chile, Finland, Hungary and other countries in the secondary list. The average speed is 3.4MBps, while the average speed in the first-level regions such as Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and the United States is 3.6Mbps. In India, JioFiber provided the best experience of 3.6Mbps in January 2021.

In 2020 and December 2020, JioFiber topped the list with a speed of 3.8Mbps. Tata Sky Broadband will also provide 3.6Mbps bandwidth with JioFiber in January 2021. Followed by 7-star Digital, Airtel, Atria Fusion Technology (ACT), Excitel Broadband, Hathway and Spectra. Bharat Sanchar Limited (BSNL) and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) ranked 5th and 6th with 2.8Mbps and 2.4Mbps respectively.

Since August 2020, JioFiber has been providing speeds of 3.6Mbps, and as mentioned earlier, it peaked in and December. Tata Sky Broadband has remained stable since August 2020, with a rate of 3.6Mbps. Airtel started at 3.6Mbps in August, then to 3.4Mbps in September and October, then rose back to 3.6Mbps in and December, but dropped to 3.4Mbps in January 2021.

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Netflix calculates these numbers based on the actual usage of prime time, which is the first three hours of the most used daily.

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