According to the latest findings of the network speed tracker Ookla, Jio is the fastest broadband network provider in India, with the highest ratings in the fourth quarter of 2020. Ookla added that Vi (Vodafone India) had the fastest average mobile download speed in the fourth quarter of 2020 because its download speed performance is ahead of Airtel in the third quarter. It said that among all the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries, India is the fastest in fixed broadband connection, but in terms of mobile speed, India lags behind.

Ookla’s latest report in the fourth quarter of 2020 focused on the broadband and mobile network performance of different operators in the region. According to the report, Jio’s average download speed is the fastest on fixed broadband, with a score of 3.7, and is the only positive NPS (Net Promotional Value), which is a measure of customer satisfaction. ACT ranked second, Airtel ranked third, and Excitel ranked fourth. Although Hathway has the lowest rating and the lowest NPS, BSNL has the slowest average download speed over the same period on fixed broadband. Among SAARC countries, India’s average download speed will be the fastest on fixed broadband by 2020, and after the second quarter of 2020, thanks to the deployment of strong fiber optic lines, India’s average download speed will be greatly improved.

In terms of mobile data, Vi has the fastest average mobile download speed in the fourth quarter of 2020. Airtel ranked second with a similar score of 3.1, but the NPS score was low. Jio ranked third with 2.9 points. It is worth noting that the NPS scores of these three telecom providers are not positive. Among SAARC countries, India ranks third in the slowest average mobile download speed throughout 2020. The Maldives is the only SAARC country with active 5G during 2020. Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan are in second, third, fourth and fifth positions very close to the fastest in the fourth quarter of 2020. Afghanistan has the slowest average mobile download speed in the entire SAARC country in 2020.

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The report also detailed the country’s 5G deployment roadmap, pointing out that once the spectrum is allocated in late 2021 or early 2022, Airtel’s commercial 5G network is ready to launch services. It even conducted successful trials in Hyderabad. Vi India will wait for the 5G spectrum auction in the 3.3 GHz-3.6 GHz band, and Jio is also ready to launch its own O-RAN 5G network. But the report warned that if there is not enough wireless spectrum, LTE and 5G technologies will not be able to provide the ultra-fast speed and low latency promised by emerging technologies.

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