Sources said on Monday that the trade union IT minister Ashwini Vaishnaw may meet with representatives of social media companies this month.

Prior to this, the social media giant Twitter had reached a deadlock with the Indian government over the new amendments to India’s new information technology law in the past few months. The Weibo platform lost its intermediary status and assumed responsibility for user-generated content. content.

In an earlier affidavit filed with the Delhi High Court, the central government informed Twitter that it had not fully complied with the 2021 IT rules, even though all important social media intermediaries (SSMI) were given three months. The deadline for compliance with the new rules is May 26, 2021.

The Indian government has approached the Supreme Court to request that all petitions questioning the constitutionality of the 2021 Information Technology (IT) rules be transferred from the various high courts to the Supreme Court.

On July 28, the Delhi High Court withdrew Twitter due to Twitter’s non-compliance with the recently revised IT rules, expressed dissatisfaction with Twitter’s affidavit, and gave the last opportunity to submit a better affidavit, which included the appointment of chief compliance Details of the officer and the complaint officer.

“Are you serious?” Judge Rekha Palli asked after noticing the affidavit submitted by Twitter and criticized Twitter.

“The affidavit clearly shows total non-compliance with the rules,” the court said, according to an order previously passed by the court, giving one week as the last chance to submit a better affidavit.

The court made it clear that the affidavit must clearly list the details of the persons who have been appointed as Chief Compliance Officer and Appeals Officer, and provide the reason why no node contact has been appointed so far and the time he will be appointed.

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The case was postponed to August 6 for further hearings.

Sajan Poovayya, a senior lawyer representing Twitter, notified the Delhi High Court that two affidavits concerning the Chief Compliance Officer and the Complaints Officer have been submitted. The entity’s affidavit has clarified that the appointment has been made, and we will no longer use the term “temporary”.

But the court withdrew Twitter for using the term “temporary worker” and asked what it meant.

Advocate replied that Twitter is located outside and they do not have a physical office in India. However, the response could not convince the court, which stated that “you are still doing business in India”.

The Delhi High Court stated that it was not satisfied with the affidavit submitted by Twitter. The court stated that the appointment of the Chief Compliance Officer and Resident Appeals Officer as temporary workers is unacceptable. The court stated that if the company wants to comply with IT rules, please follow it wholeheartedly.

India’s recently implemented “Information Technology (Guidelines for Intermediaries and Digital Ethics) Rules 2021” began to regulate the operation of online media portals and publishers, social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.-as an “intermediary” to provide services-and as and Over the top (OTT platform).

According to the revised IT rules, social media and streaming companies will be required to delete controversial content more quickly, and appoint an ombudsman based in the country to deal with online content flagged by authorities and courts and assist in investigations.