ISRO Chairman K Sivan said that India and France are carrying out the third joint satellite mission, although bilateral space cooperation is entering multiple areas, including human space programs. The Minister of Space, Sivan said that many companies are eager to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the government’s recent reforms in the space sector.

He said at the DST (Ministry of Science and Technology) Golden Jubilee celebration: “France is India’s largest partner in the space sector” and the theme is “Unleashing India’s Space Potential-Geospatial Data and Mapping” for science and technology exchanges on Friday. Held in Vigyan Prasar.

According to ISRO officials, ISRO and space agency CNES (National Center for Space Research) have performed two joint missions “Megha-Tropiques”, which were launched in 2011 and “Saral-Altika” in 2013.

Siwan said: “Currently, we are working on the third task (task).”

Officials said that ISRO and CNES have completed the feasibility study of using the thermal infrared imager TRISHNA (the thermal infrared imaging satellite for high-resolution natural resource assessment) to achieve Earth observation satellite missions and are working to complete a joint development Implementation arrangements.

Sivan said that India is still cooperating with France to conduct joint experiments in space experiments and accommodate scientific instruments.

He said: “India- space cooperation is expanding to multiple areas, including space exploration and human space flight programs.”

ISRO officials said that the two space agencies have also completed all interface control documents to accommodate CNES’ ARGOS instruments in ISRO’s OCEANSAT-3 satellite.

The ARGOS instrument has been delivered in Bangalore for integration with satellites.

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They said: “Discussions on the establishment of the’NavIC’ (independent navigation satellite system developed and maintained by India) reference station in France and the establishment of the CNES’Scintillation’ receiver in India are also progressing well,”

It is pointed out that the ISRO-CNES HSP (Human Space Program) working group has conducted many discussions on the medical aspects of human spaceflight and finally determined an implementation arrangement to formalize cooperation in the field of space medicine.

Siwan said that with the recent reforms initiated by the government in the space sector, India-France space cooperation is expected to expand further, involving industry, academia and research institutions.

He said that many companies want to “use” reforms in this area and “they will participate.”

Therefore, these reforms will not only strengthen inter-governmental space cooperation, but also the interaction between industry and industry will be “freshly re-examined” in the changing environment.

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