In a documentary appeal against the Netflix documentary “Bad Boy Billionaire: India”, a fugitive businessman and businessman National Bank (Mehul Choksi) was charged in a Punjab National Bank fraud case. Fundamental rights.

Vijay Aggarwal, the defender who appeared in court for Choksi, also asked whether Netflix’s claim that it was not regulated and exceeded the jurisdiction of Indian written courts was legal.

Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice Prateek Jalan’s Chamber Judges heard Choksi’s petition against the single-judge Judge’s order, rejected his request for a preliminary hearing on the documentary, and scheduled a further hearing on the matter on Thursday.

Proponents Aggarwal, Mudit Jain and Ashul Agarwal argued for Choksi that it is a kind of just murder for a person to ask the court to protect his fundamental rights for a fair investigation, which is an aspect of Article 21 of the Constitution . India; However, he has been demoted to take remedial measures in civil court.

Senior defense attorneys Neeraj Kishan Kaul and Dayan Krishnan who attended Netflix argued that the appellant was not entitled to any relief because he was not an Indian citizen and because he had renounced his citizenship and therefore was not entitled to any protection. Fundamental rights.

Aggarwal said that Mehul Choksi left India before the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) made any with FIR. Therefore, the above argument was answered. Therefore, his status in India cannot be considered to be against him.

The complaint stated that the petitioner is a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda, the initiator of Gitagali Gem, was wrongly accused of various crimes in India, and is currently under investigation by various authorities and/or courts Or a long trial.

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“The principle of settlement has always been and must always be the principle that the media is not allowed to conduct trials and the court is obliged to interfere and protect the rights of the defendant, because premature or unfair descriptions in the film will unfairly harm the defendant’s investigation Or trial”.

Earlier, Choksi’s request was rejected by a bench of judge Naveen Chawla, who observed that there were no regulations to control content on OTT media services and asked him to enter the appropriate forum or file a complaint. Civil litigation.

The documentary is said to be based on the rise and fall of India’s most notorious billionaires, including Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi and others accused of fraud. Other business tycoons. It was scheduled to be released on September 2, but was shelved due to two court orders unrelated to Choksi’s request.

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