Press release. IOST has announced that it is in the final stages of development of a cross-chain transmission bridge to the Polkadot ecosystem. This move is part of IOST’s plan to promote its cross-chain interoperability. According to IOST, this move brings great value to IOST users and developers and promotes a larger adoption scenario for its blockchain. Blog post March 5, 2021

IOST and Polkadot join forces

In order to make decentralized solutions available on multiple blockchains, to promote user trust and data sovereignty, IOST, the leader of credibility proof smart contracts, has worked hand in hand with Polkadot. Polkadot is focused on promoting the interaction between different distributed systems. A new generation of interoperable blockchain. Ledger.

As stated in the blog post by the IOST team, the new alliance will support the transfer of information, transactions and asset value and make it available on all blockchains supported by Polkadot.

The IOST cross-chain transmission bridge has entered the final development stage, and most of its functions have been successfully tested in the Polkadot test network environment. The solution consists of three parts: IOST cross-chain asset contract, relay gateway and Polkadot parachain.

Importantly, the successful creation of the IOST-DOT bridge will effectively enable IOST to take a step towards expanding its cross-chain DeFi capabilities. To this end, IOST has established partnerships with multiple strategic projects in the same space. The latest highlights include the integration with the Huobi HUSD stablecoin and the airdrop of Donnie tokens for IOST holders on more than 10 major exchanges.

IOST causes a sensation

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After the successful 2020 and the increasing popularity of decentralized finance (especially in Ethereum), the IOST Foundation changed its roadmap to prioritize and create a vibrant platform on low-fee and high-throughput platforms. DeFi ecosystem. The move to build cross-chain solutions with Polkadot is in sync with the network’s plans to further strengthen decentralized financial activities, and this development has been strengthened in the second half of 2020.

In terms of price, IOST has always been one of the best performers, with tokens rising more than 7 times, making altcoins one of the best performers so far in 2021. In addition to price, IOST is becoming a leader in smart contracts, where in the latest China CCID ranking, IOST outperforms Ethereum, EOS and any other smart contract platforms.

This shows that the development team has launched better, innovative and reflects the true qualities and capabilities of their desire to be the best product in the field, which makes IOST a force that cannot be ignored.

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