Addicted to your iPhone or iPad? Is it impossible to stop checking and recheck the countless endless feeds on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or iOS devices? The good (or bad) news is that you can now set daily limits for each app through iOS 12. This means that your iPhone or iPad will remind you that you have used the X app for two hours (or any other restrictions you set once a day), maybe it’s time to put down the device and return to the real world to make changes. This feature is called “screen time” and it is very easy to use.

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Screen time shows some detailed graphs about iPhone or iPad usage.go with Set value > Detection time Then click the big time text at the top. This will show how many phones you have used in the past day or week, and which apps are taking up most of your time. It also shows the number of notifications you have received and the apps that have been sent the most, and the number of times you have retrieved your device.

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If you have multiple iOS 12 devices, you can enable Sharing across devices Option to enable “Screen Time” on any iOS device logged into iCloud and view the combined report on all devices.

This information is very useful if you wish to reduce the usage of your iOS device, so follow the steps below to effectively limit the time you spend on your iPhone or iPad.

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How to use screen time on iOS 12 to restrict app usage

Please follow the steps below to set app usage restrictions on iOS 12:

  1. go with Set value > Detection time.
  2. Tap Application restrictions.
  3. Tap Increase limit.
  4. Here, you can select the time limit for the entire application category, or you can manually add the time limit for each application.To restrict the entire category of apps (such as all apps, games, social networks, etc.), just scroll down and Click circle Next to each category.A kind Tick ​​mark Will appear here, indicating that you have selected a category.
  5. Now you can set a daily limit by selecting the hour and minute.You can also click Custom days Set a daily limit. This is helpful if you want to relax app usage restrictions on weekends or days with more free time.
  6. If you want to restrict a single application, go to Set value > Detection time. Now, click the large time indicator at the top right under the screen time.
  7. Now scroll down and you will see a list of the most used applications.Click on any one, scroll down, and then click Increase limit. In this way, you can add separate restrictions for certain applications or websites.

iOS 12 Apple screen time limit application sc iOS 12

If you spend too much time on the app, this iOS 12 setting can help you.

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After the application usage limit is reached, the entire screen will turn white, with a large black hourglass icon on the screen, and the text “Time Limit” will be displayed.You can click Ignore restrictions Button, then click Remind me in 15 minutes Either Ignore today. Unless you choose to set a password to limit screen time, you can usually do this without any additional input (the process described below).

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How to set downtime on iOS 12

There is also a way to restrict the use of all applications within a certain period of time. For example, if you are used to using social media applications before bedtime, you can set these time limits to gently push the phone to shut down. Please follow the steps below to set the downtime on iOS 12:

  1. go with Set value > Detection time.
  2. Click now Downtime.
  3. Enable downtime, and then set the start time and end time for it.

If you want to allow yourself to use certain applications without being restricted by settings, please follow the steps below.

  1. go with Set value > Detection time.
  2. Tap Always allowed.
  3. Now, select the applications you want to allow.

iOS 12 Apple screen time limit SC iOS 12

Downtime is enabled through the screen time feature of iOS 12

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How to use parental controls in iOS 12 to set limits for kids

If you use “Screen Time” as a parent, you can easily set a “Screen Time” password for your child. The way Screen Time works is that when you reach the time limit, it will show two options-ignore today’s limit or remind you again in 15 minutes. If a “Screen Time” password is set, you must enter the password to activate these extensions. This is a fairly effective parental control function. The method to enable it is as follows.

  1. go with Set value > Detection time.
  2. Tap Use screen time password.
  3. Now enter a four-digit password and enter it again when prompted.
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This ensures that children using this device cannot request extensions without entering a password.

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Screen time Content and privacy restrictions It also allows you to enable/disable location services, microphone, Bluetooth, mobile data changes, etc. on this device, and lock these settings for anyone who uses the device.

iOS 12 Apple Screen Time Content Privacy SC iOS 12

Parental controls are as good as iOS 12

If your child is a member of the iCloud family, you can also remotely manage and view “Screen Time” on their iOS device. This means that you can remotely obtain reports on its usage from the iOS device itself, and set restrictions on the use of certain types of applications (or restrict overall usage during certain periods of time, such as restrictions between certain times) use).

If you have a child who belongs to the iCloud family, you will see them under “Family” in “Screen Time” under “Settings”. Click on the child’s name and manage their screen time settings.

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How to disable screen time on iOS 12

Please follow the steps below to get rid of app usage restrictions on iOS 12.

  1. go with Set value > Detection time.
  2. Scroll down and tap Turn off screen time.

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