Instagram may soon introduce vertical feeds for Stories, and the company has confirmed that it is developing prototypes after discovering the code. Vertical feeds require users to swipe up and down to browse Instagram stories-instead of tapping and swiping horizontally-similar to how TikTok feeds work. The Facebook-owned company has confirmed to TechCrunch that it is developing this layout, but has not yet tested it. The social media giant did not disclose when it will begin testing the feature or launch it.

The function is spot Written by developer Alessandro Paluzzi, he shared the screenshots on Twitter. The screenshot shows that it will allow users to swipe up and down to browse stories on Instagram. This seems to be similar to the working principle of Reels, and the working principle of Reels is inspired by TikTok.

Instagram confirmed that it is using the feature on TechCrunch, that it is still an early prototype. A spokesperson further told the publication that the feature has not yet been tested on Instagram.

Since Instagram stated that the vertical layout of the story is still just a prototype, it may or may not be publicly released. However, it is worth noting that the social media giant is considering changing the layout of one of its most popular features. The vertical story will also match the main feature of Instagram, which scrolls vertically in the feed.

Instagram launched Reels last year to compete with TikTok’s short video style. Like TikTok, the turntable requires the user to swipe vertically to move to the next video.

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Instagram also introduced a new layout for viewing stories last week. After the redesign, the stories will appear on Instagram in a convenient carousel, making it easier to view on the desktop. In addition, Instagram has regularly released new features of the platform in the past few months. Earlier this week, it introduced the “Recently Deleted” folder, which allows users to restore photos, scrolls, videos, IGTV videos and stories.

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